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Returning to work ... guidance please.

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LouiseB26 Sat 30-Apr-16 09:04:02

Hi there,

I'm set to return to work in two weeks. Everything is in place with my employer and I've found a wonderful childminder plus my mum will have my son one day.

I work for a large retailer and they've been nothing short of fantastic about my return. I'm going back on 32 hours over 4 days with no weekend (a real luxury in retail) and one late finish.

HOWEVER ... while I've been on maternity leave I've had lots of time to think about my future employment and I've decided to persue a career as a dental nurse and I've got an interview on Tuesday for a trainee position.

I'm torn!!!

My current employer is great and I know I've got support BUT I really want this new job (I know I've only got an interview but my heads racing) I think the future prospect are much better than my current job and will enable me to provide a better future for me and my son.

Also I don't want to give up my current job and regret it.

Any advice based on experience or opinion will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks a lot

Daffodil90 Sun 01-May-16 18:22:47

Go to your interview, even if they offer you the job you don't have to take it. I'd go and get a feel for the place, if you get excited about it even more than now then you'll know what you want to do 😊

I'm waiting to hear back from my flexible working request to a large retailer too. I think my request is very reasonable but the manager deciding isn't great at thinking these things through. Might have a battle on my hands!

Good luck for your interview!

LouiseB26 Wed 04-May-16 13:29:45

Thanks for the advice. Went to the interview and it went well so we'll see what happens.

minipie Wed 04-May-16 14:27:59

Hmm tricky!

In theory I would love to say "go for the new job" but...

- you've got a 4 day week, will you be able to get that as a trainee dental nurse? Some jobs won't consider part time, or will only allow part time once you're well established.

- what about if your DS is ill and can't go to the childminder? Do you have support to cover those days (eg your mum? dh?) Ideally you wouldn't want to start a new job and then annoy them by taking lots of days off - better for this to happen with your old employer who already knows you and supports you.

- do you want another baby soon? If so, will the new position give you maternity pay? will they be annoyed if you go off on mat leave quite soon after joining? could you do the job if you are pregnant (eg x rays)?

What I've found is that, in the years when my DC are tiny, it's been really important to have a supportive employer. Also, being honest, it's been good to be doing a job that I don't see as my future career and so it doesn't matter if I'm a bit flaky when the DC are ill/waking at night etc. I intend to change jobs but not until I can commit 100% to the new career and that won't be till the DC are older.

Sorry if that all sounds really boring and negative! Just some things to consider on the other side of the coin.

squizita Thu 05-May-16 10:55:21

Go to the interview and suss it out. You won't know whether you missed a trick or dodgeda bullet till you see it with your own eyes... smile

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