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10m diarrhea - end of tether please help!

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MadHattersChaiParty Fri 29-Apr-16 10:19:12

My baby 10m has had diarrhea for a week now. She has no other symptoms other than a snotty nose and raw nappy area. I took her to the Dr 2 days ago and it seemed to be getting better at the time. Dr said it was viral and as long as baby otherwise well and hydrated it's not a problem. I forgot to ask how long these viruses can last for. This has been a really long 7days with no sign of it getting any better. My hands are dry from constant cleaning and my washing machine is on all the time. Is a week normal?

Princesspeach1980 Fri 29-Apr-16 16:51:46

Could she be teething? Mine always had runny noses and evil nappies when cutting back teeth

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