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36mum Wed 27-Apr-16 21:45:58

We moved area almost 10 months ago now, my son is 7 next week and seems to have finally been accepted by his pears, I on the other hand still feel completely shunned by the other parents. They are all in tight groups and don't even look at me, it's very isolating. I thought it would be a good idea to invite the whole class (29) to my sons party but after a week I've only had replies from half the parents. I can't help but feel ignored by them. Giving out the invites was traumatic enough I hadn't a clue who's parents were who, the party is a week away now and I could do with knowing the numbers, what do I do?

starry0ne Wed 27-Apr-16 21:50:45

There are frequent threads on here about no replies to party invites so I would not take it personally..

Are there any mums at all that could help you point out the parents of whose replies you need or ask your DS...They often know more than us.

ColdAndGloomy Wed 27-Apr-16 21:58:28

Replies from half the parents sounds like a really good response rate! We probably had no more than 10 last time we tried inviting the whole class.

Don't take it personally that the other half haven't replied. If there are any that your son particularly wants to come he can probably ask them directly if they are coming, otherwise assume the rest aren't and enjoy the fact that it will be slightly less chaotic than if everyone else came.

Daisyandbabies Fri 29-Apr-16 09:23:40

We didn't get replies off everyone but the ones who didn't reply still turned up, bringing their siblings with them. It's difficult when you don't know who to ask.
You need to just walk up to them in the playground, in their group, and just say something like, 'hi, did everone get the party invites?' They probably aren't ignoring you intentionally, just perhaps think that want to keep to yourself?

Millionairerow Sat 30-Apr-16 19:21:34

I feel for you. I am not new to my area but I work full time so I don't know half the parents. I've just had a party today and 2 didn't reply and it was a small party as there's only 8 in my Dd class. I found out another girl in the same class had a party the same date and time! Still
Must admit 29 is a lot to invite and organise. 16 absolute max. A smaller group you have the advantage of seeing the dynamic with your child with other kids. And easier to talk to parents when they drop off and ick up. Then it's a good time to invite someone for coffee. My kids are starting to develop friends with a few girls. Same with my son. But they don't get invited back but the ones he does get invited to, I know they're goos friends. I've learned it's not personal. Kids enjoy their parties nomatter how many kids you invite.

daisydalrymple Sat 30-Apr-16 19:36:29

We started soft play parties when ds1 turned 3. I heard from half the invitees but catered for the total number. Only the responders turned up. From then on I only catered for responders. Dd's last soft play party saw 10 non responders turn up with an extra 6 siblings. Nightmare. I feel your pain.

Where is the party? Are you catering it yourself or is it a pay per head place so you really do need exact numbers?

CodyKing Sat 30-Apr-16 19:46:28

been accepted by his pears


My daughters also new to a school - kids are lovely - really made her welcome - parents are far more cliquey! They could learn a lot from 7 year olds!!!

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