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Sterilising dummies

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Timetogrowup2016 Wed 27-Apr-16 16:24:52

How often do you all sterilise your babies dummies. Obviously of it got really dirty I would straight away but should I be doing it every day/every other day. Dd is ten weeks and wouldn't except a dummy a first but now she does and it really soothes her and saves me hours of calming her down.
So far I've been sterilising every day

Timetogrowup2016 Wed 27-Apr-16 16:25:21

Accept not except

KP86 Wed 27-Apr-16 16:31:19

DS was 2yo a couple of weeks ago.

I have never sterilised anything of his. Ever.

He was mostly fed expressed breast milk, the bottles went through the dishwasher. The milk itself isn't sterilised so we were told by HCP not to worry about bottles etc. I've also never seen a BF mum sterilise her nipple before latching a baby. <Off-topic)

We used to wash the dummies in water or a soapy sink. He only had them for a few months anyway.

luckiestgirlintheworld Wed 27-Apr-16 16:36:14

I've never sterilised anything either for either of my two.

Caterina99 Wed 27-Apr-16 17:10:25

DS is now 10 months and was mostly bottle fed. We had a microwave steriliser for bottles, although I stopped using it after about 7 months once he was crawling. I just used to throw dummies in as and when I remembered, but I didn't do them everyday. I think just keep them clean and sterilise every so often if you feel like it

HandbagFan Wed 27-Apr-16 18:38:35

DS is 9 weeks old and his dummies get sterilised every time they hit the floor. If we're at home they go in the steriliser with his bottles. If we're out they go in the Milton steriliser ball I keep in the changing bag.

Daffodil90 Wed 27-Apr-16 18:43:06

Ours just go in with the bottles, probably every other day.

PixieMiss Wed 27-Apr-16 18:46:07

I have a Milton steriliser ball too and I use this at home and out of the house. I sterilise in this if it goes on the floor.

I exclusively breastfeed though so I am not running a larger steriliser for bottles etc.

Daisyandbabies Wed 27-Apr-16 21:12:16

I think I just gave her a fresh one every day and ran them under hot water after being in the normal soapy sink. She's one and a half now and I just put them in the bowl with the dishes. I don't let her have evem if they've been on the floor outside and I would never put them in my own mouth...but I've heard of people sterilising them even if they fall on the sofa/floor at home shock That type of bacteria is good for them

BexusSugarush Thu 28-Apr-16 08:03:37

DD is 4 months old and we sterilise her dummies everytime they end up on the floor. We also don't put them into bags unless they're in their plastic containers, but I know not everyone is so anal about things like that.

KatyN Thu 28-Apr-16 08:42:48

My daughter is 4 months and has 2 or 3 dummies a day. I sterilise as needed during the day. She always has a clean one at night. Once she starts putting everything in her mouth I'll stop sterilising them.

welshweasel Thu 28-Apr-16 08:45:08

My 3 month old has a fresh one in the morning and at night. Used ones go in the steriliser with the bottles. If they fall on the floor at home I'll reuse but not if we are out!

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