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Ballet & gymnastics. Benefits of both (dd is 3 yo)

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indiana7 Mon 25-Apr-16 09:06:39

Hi, my 3 year old dd started ballet before Christmas & she absolutely loves it. She's in a little pre-school class & has great fun pretending to be fairies & unicorns etc. However over the past month I have noticed she has become more more co-ordinated & is doing some "moves" now! I'm just so happy she enjoys it & skips into class every week.

She is also asking to do gymnastics & we have put her name down in a club for Sept(huge waiting list before then). So my question is will they compliment each other.I was hoping the gymnastics may increase her flexibility as she would be slightly stiff & it would help her ballet that way.

If you have any kids in ballet & gym what do you think are the benefits? I think the ballet has definitely improved her concentration & co-ordination, she is also alo more graceful!!! Would gym have any character building characteristics?

She was also asking to do drama but we can't afford 3 activities plus we don't want her doing too much too young. If she still wants to do drama down the line I think 5 or 6 may be a better age to start?

eyebrowse Mon 25-Apr-16 09:20:28

In my experience a lot of dc try lots of of activities and then narrow down as they find one suits them more than another or they end up clashing and they have to make a choice. Particularly with gym and ballet dc tend to go with one or another quite quickly. With my dc I find the things we do/stick with tend to be easy to get to so that might help your decisions. Also if your dd will be young in the school year she might get very tired so you might have to cull some activities then or go to ones available at the weekend. Alternatively could you afford to do three activities for one term and then say you and she will decide which one or two she carries on with after that?

MiaowTheCat Tue 26-Apr-16 08:11:34

My eldest's been doing both since the start of this year (she's just turned 4). She does an hour's dancing which is 50/50 ballet and tap and they do the rosette "exams" - in the smile sweetly and twirl a bit to get used to it sense of the word and she does a preschooler gymnmastics class for an hour a week as well at a local gym club (once we got through the looooong waiting list - the club's currently trying to expand as they've got so much demand). My younger child (just turned 3) does the next dancing class down with the same setup of the 50/50 split and is on the wait list for gymnastics now she's finally old enough.

DD1 was premature and fairly delayed in her motor skills and really not at all confident physically - the change in her is quite dramatic - particularly from the gymnastics stuff they do (they do a lot of the very preliminary stuff that leads on to beam, vault, bars etc). The dancing I really think has improved her focus and confidence as well and I'm getting the pair of them into a second dancing class a week as I think they really benefit from being part of quite a small friendly close-knit studio. She'd probably prefer the gymnastics if made to choose - but as she enjoys both I keep going with them at the moment (I'd rather she went down the dancing route simply as they're much more warm and caring than the gym club!)

The last thing DD1 needs right now is any inducement to be MORE dramatic than she can be at the moment!

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