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does anyone still give their kids jam sandwiches?

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ichoosesleep Fri 22-Apr-16 08:21:50

I know it's not the best filling but just wondered what everyone's views were? I once made ds a jam sandwich when he was younger to take to school as we had run out of sandwich fillings for his packed lunches. It was a one off ! He went crazy with me saying it was peasant food and school would think I was mad. Obviously I wouldn't send him with them everyday I do know it's not a staple food and full of sugar but it just seemed odd to fly off the handle about it but yet we always have Nuttella in the pantry ? We got into a debate about it with my MIL too so it would be interesting what others think please ??

Palomb Fri 22-Apr-16 08:23:12

Yes of course.

MushroomMama Fri 22-Apr-16 08:24:00

Yup and honey!

notagiraffe Fri 22-Apr-16 08:24:13

Not for school packed lunch, and not very often, but yes, sometimes. Especially when they are ill - they want white bread and jam. When they were little and fussy i'd do jam sandwiches with cream cheese instead of butter so they got protein and DS1 still often has PBJ for breakfast.

mercifulTehlu Fri 22-Apr-16 08:26:06

I think some people do. I don't though - if I'm giving them any fruit, yoghurt, biscuit etc then that's enough sweet stuff in my opinion. shock at your ds using the phrase 'peasant food' though.

flowery Fri 22-Apr-16 08:29:14

"still"? confused

Has there been some research about jam that I don't know about?

My two don't have packed lunch but yes when they're at home sometimes they have jam sandwiches.

AntiquityUbiquity Fri 22-Apr-16 08:29:52

Jam & cream cheese

ichoosesleep Fri 22-Apr-16 08:35:10

Ah sorry I meant DH said it was peasant food. Ds was very happy grin

HairSlide Fri 22-Apr-16 08:39:07

DS loves a piece and jam, he'd have it about once a week in a packed lunch and maybe once or twice at home. I love them too grin

Twitterqueen Fri 22-Apr-16 08:43:01

Jam and cheese! match made in heaven
Also home-made (brownie points pls) blackberry jelly with chicken and stuffing....

Jam tarts are divine
Jam features heavily in our home-made birthday cakes

Jam jam jam jam jam jam - jamalot! grin

EnterNicknameHere Fri 22-Apr-16 08:45:55

My DS was served jam sandwiches from the school on his teddy bears picnic, he also has them at home occasionally.

kelda Fri 22-Apr-16 08:46:51

Yes! If my girls are left to their own devices they would always have butter and jam sandwiches, alternating with chocolate spread.

ichoosesleep Fri 22-Apr-16 08:49:26

Ahh thankyou I thought I was been a horrible mother but just seems me and DH have very different views on it. I will carry on giving them jam sandwiches then , well I will start giving them jam sandwiches again at home not for school as they are all on school dinners now.

You know school dinners where they are allowed cake and custard for dessert but god forbid you ever put cake in their lunchbox !!! shockshock

KittyKrap Fri 22-Apr-16 08:50:04

When I was a single mum and all Old Mother Hubbard my lot would occasionally take them for a packed lunch. They thought it was Christmas.

KittyKrap Fri 22-Apr-16 08:50:41

^ not that Jam sandwiches were our Christmas dinner btw confused

Stylingwax Fri 22-Apr-16 08:51:56

Yup. As a treat. His nanny cuts the bloody crusts off as well and started that trend.

gingerbreadmanm Fri 22-Apr-16 08:54:50

I've had jam sandwiches for work once or twice this week blush i actually love them!

BasinHaircut Fri 22-Apr-16 08:55:02

My DS is weird and won't eat a sandwich but is currently tucking in to jam on toast!

We never had jam as kids, don't know why but my mum never bought it. I only discovered the deliciousness of jam and butter on toast very recently.

Archer26 Fri 22-Apr-16 08:59:44

God I hope so cos I've just made 30 of the bastards them for my DS's party later today. confused

GruffaloMoggy Fri 22-Apr-16 09:04:38

Peanut Butter

steppemum Fri 22-Apr-16 09:23:24

jam, honey, golden syrup, chocolate spread
and best of all

chocolate sprinkles.

In my defence is isn't often and they have to have a protein sandwich first.

theheadthetailthewholedamthing Fri 22-Apr-16 09:27:38

DH sounds like a complete snob ! Why not jam ! Lemon curd ! Honey ! Ham ! Peanut butter ! Etc etc they are perfectly expectable sandwich filings ! What a ridiculous thing for him to say !

lavent Fri 22-Apr-16 09:31:16

Yep all the time....!

Ludways Fri 22-Apr-16 09:31:27

My dd happily makes herself a jam sandwich, I can always tell as the butter has jammy gouges out of it.

vvviola Fri 22-Apr-16 09:34:53

Yep. Every now and then. Usually when I don't have chicken or ham or whatever protein DD2 is deigning to eat this week (food allergies and she won't eat sandwiches, so I give her chicken in a little pot, with some buttered crackers). So then she'll get crackers with jam and DD1 will get a jam sandwich.

Can't see the problem with it every now and then.

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