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first ever holiday with a baby ideas

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katyandthebaby Thu 21-Apr-16 11:33:59

Hello, my baby has just turned one and we are thinking about booking our first ever holiday with her.

The thought of it makes me really panicky and anxious, I worry about everything but I do feel like we need to take the plunge and get our first trip abroad done before it becomes the norm!

Do you have any suggestions on where might be nice to go? A short flight, not too rowdy, things to keep us entertained that are baby/buggy friendly?

Thank you!
X Katy

minipie Thu 21-Apr-16 15:36:38

What's your budget?

We took our DD to the Caserio del Mirador in Spain (lots of glowing MN reviews smile) when she was 8 months. She was the youngest there, there were other kids up to 3. It was perfect for a first holiday with first child.

I'd recommend a browse of the Babyfriendlyboltholes and Totstoo websites - lots of lovely options and they give good advice on the phone too.

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