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Best summer shoes/sandals for children?

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Flowerface Thu 21-Apr-16 11:12:30

To wear without socks... I was thinking Crocs, but someone said they fall off all the time. We had those velcro Clarks ones last year but they needed socks with them or they rubbed (I am desperate to escape the tyranny of the tiny socks, can you tell?!!). Are canvas Toms-like ones the answer? The children in question are 20mo, 4 and 6...

Twinkie1 Thu 21-Apr-16 11:39:38

Crocs for little ones have a strap at the back and DDs didn't fall off at all last year. She was 18m. She loved them as she could put them on herself.

I'm getting 3 more pairs this summer for her and she can't wait.

skankingpiglet Thu 21-Apr-16 13:26:01

Crocs are fab and DD loves hers. She has even insisted on wearing them some days through the winter. They can be a pain and fall off when the child's feet are at the lower end of the sizing as they don't come in half sizes, which is the issue we have at the moment. DD's old ones are a bit tight (not that she seems to mind!) but the next size up are massive still. By the time summer really begins the new ones should be perfect though. My other complaint is they are just so blooming expensive for what they are: I've seen them for £20 in some places! TK Max have them for £10 sometimes, but her 'new' pair I got on eBay for £4.50 inc. p&p and don't look like they've been worn outside.

NightWanderer Thu 21-Apr-16 13:36:02

I just get mine Crocs as well. I've never had problems with them falling off. We often play in the river or paddling pool in the summer. If they get dirty, you can stick them in the washing machine and they come out almost dry.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 21-Apr-16 13:59:37

This style with velcro fastenings I think are great, good support, kids can get them on and off themselves, and they seem to go with everything.
Crocs are great IF the fit is good but my kids have odd feet so they are not comfortable all day, every day.

cornishglos Thu 21-Apr-16 18:47:36

I get one decent pair of sandals from clarks or startrite for everyday wear, and a pair of crocs ripoffs from sportsdirect for beach etc. About £25 in total.

Enjoyingthepeace Sat 23-Apr-16 08:50:16

Bobux. Pricey but gorgeously soft leather. My children love with our socks

idontlikealdi Sat 23-Apr-16 14:00:32

Ricosta sandals are amazing and really hardwiring but still look nice too.

SilverGiraffe7 Sat 23-Apr-16 14:12:59

Mine have ccilu sandals which are like croc shoes. They also have a removable inner. The kids love them and I'm tempted to order myself a pair... Got mine from sports direct; they come in various colours but only one or two colours in each size if you see what I mean.

Onsera3 Sat 23-Apr-16 14:24:39

Crocs always fall off DS. They have to be just the right size. Any growing room and they fell off. Got him expensive flashing light pair as they fit better than standard ones. They fit for literally a few weeks. Pressed down on his high instep.

Always leaving one behind when scooting.

His feet always seem to slide forward in those ones with a Velcro strap across top of foot.

Going to try something like this again as seemed to work better for him

MiaowTheCat Sat 23-Apr-16 16:58:23

Mine spend most of the summer in the velcro kind of thing. Last year we got these from TK Maxx and they're still useable this year by younger relatives:

Ordered them again this year (but not in the sand colour which is a bit icky in my mind). I tend to get them a cheapo pair of croc-a-likes as well for when they're playing with water in the garden. They don't stay on brilliantly though for use at the park or scooting.

DD1 has acquired from grandparents though the most disgustingly pink sparkly pair of sandals that are utterly impractical for doing anything other than admiring how pink and sparkly they are - but she still keeps asking when her proper summer sandals will be coming (mum ordered them to her address so not till next month when she visits next).

oobedobe Sun 24-Apr-16 13:22:33

I get my girls (7&3) the Keen Newport H2 sandals every summer, they are closed toe so very protective when bike/scooter riding. They are waterproof and washable. They are VERY hard wearing, so they live in them for all summer days out/activities (from May-Sept), if they are just pottering around at home or in the garden they might wear flip flops or supermarket version of crocs, or no shoes.

Keen do another sandal called the seacamp, which i was tempted to switch to this year, which is a bit lighter and more flexible, but the Newport just seem more sturdy when they run around.

RiverTam Sun 24-Apr-16 13:24:30

DD(6) has always worn Clarks Doodles (with no socks, no rubbing issues) or Crocs (no falling off issues). She is a paddler so sandals that can go in water are a must!

NoCapes Sun 24-Apr-16 13:41:49

We always get Tom style Velcro things, but cheaper ones not real Toms
They paddle in them too

G1raffe Sun 24-Apr-16 13:46:36

We have these. More supportive than some. Closed toe so ok for preschool/around rocks/walking etc. Completely fine in water and washable. We're outdoors a lot so these are perfect! 4.5 year old, size 11/12

MadameJosephine Sun 24-Apr-16 13:50:36

DD had these last summer and I've just seen that they are only £6 a pair st the moment so going to order a couple of pairs for this year too.

MadameJosephine Sun 24-Apr-16 13:55:15

Smaller sizes here

IDontSayBlahBlahBlah Sun 24-Apr-16 14:21:05

I got the ones Giraffe has linked 2 years ago for my then 6 and 2 year old. They really are bigger than the actual size and they were wearing them last year aswell. When I was buying them the shop assistant told me to go down a size and I didn't blush. Anyway, they're really good for paddling and dry weather too. If you wait a bit you might be able to get them in sales and they'll go down to £12.

G1raffe Sun 24-Apr-16 14:25:53

Theyre ace aren't they? She wears them walking, playing, exploring....

IDontSayBlahBlahBlah Sun 24-Apr-16 14:39:41

They are, and what I like about them the most is that their toes are covered so no nasty toenail breakages or hurt toes!

G1raffe Sun 24-Apr-16 18:12:44

Yup! No tripping over the ends...

BikeRunSki Sun 24-Apr-16 19:28:06

Crocs are very cheap in Sports Direct.

minipie Sun 24-Apr-16 22:29:19

Marking place. I need something that's closed toe, waterproof and fits better than Crocs as DD has gait issues... Some of the ones above look good thanks.

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