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mummycz Wed 20-Apr-16 21:34:26

Hi all,
I'm new to mumsnet and I've joined for a bit of advice and in the hopes that I'm not alone in my feelings.
I'm a sahm to 2 children (6 months and 2years) we're always very busy going to groups and days out but I can't help feeling so lonely. I have a partner but he's self employed so works 6/7 days a week and sometimes his evenings are taken up looking at other work or paperwork so it's me and the kids on our own most days. I meet other mums at the groups who I say hello to when I pass them in the street but in 2 years of going to the same groups it hasn't progressed from a passing hello. I understand this may be partly down to my shyness but I feel like I keep putting myself out there and getting nowhere. The few mummy friends I do have are all back at work so I can go weeks without seeing them. I love being a sahm but some days I can go all day without talking/seeing another adult and it's hard. Any advice would be really appreciated or knowing I'm not the only one feeling this way? Xx

starpatch Wed 20-Apr-16 21:48:20

You are not alone. I don't think groups are that easy for making friends tbh. I saw your youngest is only 6 months. Nct have a free service setting up an e mail group for those with baby born in same month might be worth a try?

babyblabber Thu 21-Apr-16 14:50:40

it's hard making new friends as a grown up but having kids gives you an instant conversation and most people can talk about their kids for hours!

i know you're shy but would you think about inviting one of the mums from playgroup over to your house for a playdate and coffee? do you chat to any of them while you're there? or is there a kid yours play with a lot? also if there's a playground nearby you could say "we're going to the playground now for a while, would you guys have any interest in coming?".

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