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Potty training - how do know they are ready?

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foxessocks Tue 19-Apr-16 09:32:23

My daughter is 2.2yo. She is aware when she's having a poo or wee and will sometimes announce it. She understands the concept of a potty because she has a book on it and she has one which she will point and say it's for poos and wees. She also understands a toilet is for that too.

We have tried her on a little seat on the toilet which just made her cry. We tried her on the potty but although she didn't get as upset she still did cry and whinge. Even with the offer of chocolate she might sometimes sit there for a few seconds but never long.

Is she just not actually ready? Do I just keep trying to get her to sit there and see how it progresses? I don't want her to get upset by it.

Any advice welcome!

adamsmallbone Tue 19-Apr-16 09:46:51

No advice as such but my DS is exactly the same except 2 months older. I've tried everything to get him to sit on the potty for more than a few seconds but am failing miserably! Sometimes I let him wander round with no nappy on and he doesn't have an accident surprisingly but as soon as the nappy is back on he does a wee. It's v frustrating.

skankingpiglet Tue 19-Apr-16 20:56:43

We introduced the potty as just something DD sat on before a bath at about 16mo. We'd sing songs etc with her whilst she sat to make it fun. Then I bought a couple more and just left them in various locations around the house to become an object she got used to. Occasionally she'd do something in the potty before bath, which we'd reward with a chocolate button. After about 3 months she'd occasionally request to use it so we'd take her nappy off and pop her on and if she was successful we'd give a button. Then a few weeks ago she upped her game and started asking to use it all the time, with very few wees/poos done in her nappy so we decided to just go for it. We're on day 18 and it's going ok. It's not been quick or perfect yet but she still is very young (22mo), however she's now only having one or two accidents a day and has had 2 fully dry days (WOOHOO!).

Just follow their lead is the best advice I was given. I certainly hadn't planned to be training yet, but it's come from her and it seems to be working. Introduce the potty as a fun thing first, no pressure, plenty of reward for success. Keeping DD put has been a challenge as she'd know she needed it, but expected it to be instantaneous. She'd sit for a few seconds, then get up and inspect and let out an "Oh. sad" when there was nothing there. I just kept encouraging her to try again and once she sat I'd break into song or open a book to distract her for a moment. She's gotten better with practise.

neversleepagain Wed 20-Apr-16 21:36:05

She will let you know when she is ready. When she is ready there won't be many accidents and it will be quick and painless.

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