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Parents feedback on a mobile/tablet game aimed at chilldren

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monkeyorbitgames Mon 18-Apr-16 10:47:55

Hi Mumsnet,

I have just released a mobile game (*Monkey Orbit*) aimed at all ages, this includes children.

To my knowledge most children playing games on phones/tablets are doing so with their parents approval, so I would like to get some feedback from you, not just on my game but what in general makes a child friendly and fun game in your eyes.

Some general questions I hope you could answer:

What is your approach to phone and tablet parenting? None/Sometimes/Kids always on etc..

What do you think is the best way to price games for children?
One off payment, advertising, in-app purchases? I see there being balance as cheap/free is good as children want to move onto a new app all the time, but also wanting to limit advertising exposure etc.

Some questions specific to my game:

The game is called Monkey Orbit and is available on Android (phone and tablets) and iPhone and iPads. (Download links & trailer here: Monkey Orbit)

From the trailer is it something you would let your children play?

If you played it do you think your children would enjoy it?

Do you enjoy it?

Do you think the characters are relatable for children?

I have implemented adverts (infrequently) but ensured that they only advertise child safe games, would you consider this ok or would you rather pay a fee to remove the ads (also possible)?

Finally, there are in-app purchases in my game however I have tried to take a different approach to many developers - you cannot keep buying the in-app currency (bananas in my game often coins in others) endlessly, you can only buy as much as there is things left to unlock (also limited to around £8 total at the moment) the store then locks any further purchases.
I have done this as I frequently see issues where a parent has allowed one or two purchases then a child has racked up huge bills on in-app currency with the password overide. Do you think my approach is acceptable or would you rather see no in-app purchases? It is a tricky balance for developers who also need to profit from free apps.

Thanks for reading this long message if you made it through! And thanks again for checking out Monkey Orbit.

Any feedback would be really great and will help in future development of Monkey Orbit and other games we produce (if you have any great game ideas also get in touch at


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