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9 month old daily menu

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kimberleymikado Wed 13-Apr-16 09:44:26

Hi, I wonder would any mams mind giving me an idea of what their 9 month old eats in a typical day? Or over a couple of days? I'm a mam of 3 so although I do my own purees when I can I also need all the time saving cheats I can get, so those would be greatly appreciated also. Anything ive read online seems to give unrealistic 'super earth mam' style menus that I could never keep up with so am eager to hear what real 'down to earth' mams feed their babies ;-) Thanks a million

SparklyPenguin Wed 13-Apr-16 10:09:36

My 9-month-old gets bits and pieces of what DH and I are having if it's easy for him to handle and not too salty, and I do some batch cooking of stuff like pasta so I can reheat little portions at a time. He hasn't got teeth yet. For instance here's 2 days of what he typically has:
Day 1 Breakfast: small bowl of baby porridge, 1 slice peanut butter on toast, 2 slices Apple.
Lunch: pasta spirals with tuna (in sauce), cucumber sticks, 2 onion rings, sliced tomato
Tea: 1 Quorn cocktail sausage cut lengthways, sweet potato wedges (skin-on is easier to grip), 1-egg spinach omelette, baby yoghurt
Day 2 Breakfast: porridge again, half a banana
Lunch: houmous spread on a wrap and rolled up, 2 falafels, sticks of cheddar, mango chunks
Tea: steamed broccoli, buttered crumpet, cauliflower cheese, fromage frais
Snacks of fruit or baby biscuits.
At this stage it's just about variety and teaching them the mechanics of eating as you'll know.

jennifer86 Wed 13-Apr-16 20:22:09

How old are your other two? Probably the easiest thing to do would be to give the baby the same as them but maybe mashed up, if it's suitable? My DS has just turned one so a little bit older, but I can also tell you what we give him if it's useful. Breakfast wheatabix with milk, a bit of toast. Snack maybe a banana. Lunch sandwich (ham/cheese/cream cheese) or hot meal and fruit. Dinner hot meal then yogurt. We try to vary the hot meals but also with varying success! He seems to particularly like pasta with cheese sauce (with cooked spinach blended into the sauce!), tuna pasta bake, sweet potato, and butternut squash risotto. I have a good recipe book called 200 recipes for kids (it's a Hamlyn book) which I would recommend if you want more ideas!

kimberleymikado Wed 13-Apr-16 22:27:52

That's a great help thanks. My other 2 'babies' are 1 and 3 so there's quite a gap and as it stands at the moment the 3 year old is on a strike from vegetables lol I will get that book because I've just run out of ideas. Thanks again. Oh do you remember what age you started your son on weetabix at?

BotBotticelli Wed 13-Apr-16 23:38:18

They can have weetabix from 6mo. I tried it with my son then but he wasn't keen on the texture. Tried again recently at 8mo and he really liked it - esp with half a banana mashed in.

A good tip is to heat the milk in the microwave for 40 secs before adding the weetabix to the bowl and smushing it up - it makes a kind of smooth porridge that way which babies seem to like.

Fwiw here's an average day for my 8mo:

Breakfast: 1 weetabix with whole milk and half a banana. Or a small bowl of cow and gate baby horrid he followed by half a slice of toast with peanut butter,

Lunch: half a roasted sweet potato all mashed up wit cheddar cheese followed by a fruit pot (those pots of fruit purée sold everywhere - organics or cow and gate or whatever). Or 1 egg scrambled with a bit of grated cheese mixed in and 2 toast fingers. With same fruit pot pudding.

Dinner: whatever we had the night before, reheated and blended to a purée (with rice or baby pasta shapes added where appropriate). Recent examples include: fish pie, homemade chicken korma with rice, homemade spag Bol, shepherds pie etc etc.

He also quite likes: oven chips (has had a few off my plate when he refused his pureed dinner!), psi au chocolat (occasional breakfast treat), eggy bread/French toast ditto weekend breakfast, half a hot cross bun with butter as a pudding, small pot of ambrosia rice pudding, the occasional Ella's pouch when out and about....

kimberleymikado Thu 14-Apr-16 09:47:03

When you were giving weetabix before a year old, did u use formula milk in it to mix it up or cows milk?

BotBotticelli Thu 14-Apr-16 09:49:19

Cows milk. From 6 months old they are fine to have cows milk in cooking and food (including on cereal). You just shouldn't give it to them as a drink in a bottle or cup until they are 1.
I think this is cos formula has lots of vitmains and stuff in which babies need so they need to drink formula until they are 1.

But cows milk is fine on weetabix! Whole milk (blue top) is best cos it is the most fatty and babies need the dairy fats.

BotBotticelli Thu 14-Apr-16 09:50:58

Oh and from 6 months I made up DS's Cow and Gate baby porridge with cows milk, not formula.

Formula is too expensive to be mixing up with cereal!!

Chasethechaser Thu 14-Apr-16 09:56:40

Milk mostly. Bits and pieces given to her in the highchair but not 'meals'.

DD just turned 1, yesterday she had a satsuma and half a plain brioche for breakfast, some of my tuna sandwich for lunch and chewed on my apple for about an hr, last night she sat next to me and shared my fish pie. She did have a load of broccoli too.

9 months old is young to be eating 3big square meals a day!

comeagainforbigfudge Thu 14-Apr-16 10:12:49

Typical day for my 10month old:

Bottle on waking (6oz)
Breakfast - porridge or weetabix with cows milk & normally fruit puree over it.
Lunch - a sandwich. Either dairylea, tuna or toast & peanut butter. Chopped fruit or a satsuma
Mid-afternoon - 5oz bottle
Dinner - whatever we have. But i also freeze leftovers such as mac cheese, pasta bolognaise, etc. Will pack with veg or give her peas or broccoli or similar.
With yogurt & puree for afters.
Bed time - 6oz bottle

jennifer86 Thu 14-Apr-16 10:31:48

I think we started giving DS wheatabix when we started giving him breakfast, which was probably around 7 months. As a PP said, they can have whole cow's milk in food ie cooking/on cereal from 6 months, but continued with BF/formula until1 year. Reading some of the other responses reminded me we also gave a few baby food jars and pouches at that age, we've just tried to avoid them recently as now he's 1 I feel he needs to be used to eating 'normal' food!

jennifer86 Thu 14-Apr-16 10:34:07

Sorry should have read that through before posting. I meant continue with BF/formula for their milk feeds until 1 year (then they can switch to whole milk for this as well).

bluebadoo Thu 14-Apr-16 10:43:01

Breakfast-weetabix or ready brek made with cows milk, mashed banana

Snack-veg muffin or sliced pancake

Lunch- leftovers from our dinner depending on salt so spag Bol, meat/fish and veg etc or if I need something quick frozen salmon or cod fillet, sweet potato or pasta, veg and a bit of cream cheese. Fruit.

Snack- organix crisps and a yogurt

Dinner- same kind of thing as lunch. Sometimes beans on toast. Fruit.

The annabel karmel website has some good recipes as does my lovely little lunchbox.

GoldPlatedBacon Fri 15-Apr-16 17:26:32

Today my 9 month dd had :-

Breakfast: readybrek

Snack: few slices of cucumber & banana

Lunch: I made myself Salmon, mash and broccoli for dinner last night so I also cooked the same amount for dd. I mashed hers together, froze 4 portions and gave her one for lunch. She had half a heinz fruit purees pouch for desert. (she only ate a few mouthfuls of dinner)

Dinner: a lamb couscous recipe I found in the Ella kitchen book. Again I pre made this and froze portions. Desert was the rest of the ouch.

Dd doesn't normally have a snack in the morning, it's usually in the afternoon. Things like rice cakes or sharing fruit with me.

However, yesterday I started off virtuos and made us both pancakes for breakfast (she had half a mashed banana too) but lunch and dinner both came from a jar and her snack was a breadsticks and cucumber.

BotBotticelli Wed 20-Apr-16 15:04:04

chasethechaser - all babies are different. Your baby might not eat much at 9mo but both my boys have been on 3 square meals per day with puddings by 9mo.

And hardly any milk during the day by that stage either.

Reading down the thread will show you that in fact lots of babies are eating 3 meals at 9mo.

Nothing wrong with your LO not eating so much of course. They're all different.

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