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Parental Responsibility Order and custody for unmarried father

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jaimelewis Tue 12-Apr-16 11:11:14

Hi, I'm actually writing this looking for advice on behalf of a friend.

So basically, she was on her own and living with parents during the pregnancy and she found a flat for her and the baby which they have lived in since the birth four months ago. The babies father is not on the birth certificate but he's had the child for a couple of nights and he's paid some pays child support although he's verbally abusive to the mum. He also stresses her out big time, for example he refused to have him the other week and stopped paying child support because the mum couldn't meet him at the agreed time when a hospital appointment for the child took too long (he wasn't interested in how it went) and apparently he takes every opportunity to wind up the mother and belittle her.

He wants to gain parental responsibility by doing a DNA test but the mother refuses to participate. They have actually already done one before by some legal requirement but they she got rid of the results.
The mother is worried that it will lead to her losing sizeable custody and she believes it's in the child's best interest to live at home with her and she does provide everything and more. Well except solid contact with the father I guess but he makes no effort and apart from working full time he has a comfortable time living at his mum a short drive away.

Obviously we all want to see the child have a relationship with the father but what do you think will happen for the child if Dad gets a parental responsibility order and fights for as much custody as possible? He appears to be most motivated by his own mother's nagging and she personally tries to be as involved with the babies mother as possible, forcing her to speak to the police (but there's no evidence of anything unreasonable because she writes all friendly).

jaimelewis Tue 12-Apr-16 11:13:10

Please forgive the occasional grammar error, too much editing!

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