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Marquand Mon 11-Apr-16 11:26:43

I think the most petrified I have ever been was when I brought my oldest (now 6) home as a newborn. She's survived it so far, and actually seems to be thriving. And so does DC2 (3). This is in spite of doing a lot of things "wrong". I believe the well meant advice of other mothers is often laced with incredible dollops of cruelty and unkindness: I did it right, and you're not, and your child will suffer for it.

Too many women confuse what made their maternal experience profound with what will be the right thing for other mothers to do. I honestly believe that vaginal or caesarian delivery, breast milk or formula, dummies or no dummies, and a host of other things people get worked up about are not nearly as important as loving, caring and accepting parents.

Be kind to new mothers. Be kind to all mothers. Never mind that, be kind to all people.

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