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Anger management - book recommendation?

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Dizzywizz Fri 08-Apr-16 15:26:28

I'm wondering if anyone loses their temper easily (I do!) and used a book to help them control it a bit? I lose my temper and shout at the kids, normally when I'm tired (youngest doesn't sleep well) or when we're rushing out somewhere, just wondered if anyone has any advice or book recommendations. Children are 18 months and 3.5. Thanks

jessplussomeonenew Fri 08-Apr-16 15:44:54

Some good tips here:

Dizzywizz Fri 08-Apr-16 18:23:47

Thank you Jess...a difficult read! But very helpful.

Misty9 Sun 10-Apr-16 23:01:45

I've just started a thread on this topic! I also recommend laura markham and have her book...and plan to read it this week.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Mon 11-Apr-16 00:02:42

My DP read the Chimp Paradox (by Steve Peters I think) which has really helped him with his anger issues. He was always hot-headed as a child and throughout adulthood, even at work.

I was unprepared to put up with this sort of behaviour and we split up for a short while. One of the provisos for getting back together was counselling, but actually this book helped far more than the counselling.

It discusses anxiety as much as anger, but they are rooted in the same issues and can be dealt with in the same way. It's a really easy read (gets a bit waffly later on, but all the useful stuff is very accessible and simply explained earlier in the book).

It's not specifically a parenting book, but it addresses how we feel when we start to get angry or worked up and how we can talk ourselves out of those feelings and reprogram other more useful ones, which works regardless of who you're dealing with. It has really changed the way we handle disagreements - him more than me, but I also found it interesting.

MsMommie Mon 11-Apr-16 00:05:34

The Orange Rhino group on FB. Or page.
There's a book out called 'Yell less, Love more'
I have the book, many a time have I wanted to throw it at my kids head.

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