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Any mums of 5 month olds out there?

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MadamoiselleMango Fri 08-Apr-16 08:49:47

Just wondering how you were doing. I don't go to many baby groups and didn't do nct so don't get much of an idea of what other 5m olds are like apart from those babycentre emails that tell you your baby should be taking 3 hour naps (I bloody wish).

How do they sleep? The golden question. Dd is still up approx 2-3 times a night for a feed but can self settle and goes down pretty easily around 6.30/7. Naps are totally random and only last 45 mins max.

We don't have any routine at all currently realy, I ebf on demand and just offer milk whenever she whinges really.

I'm knackered but she's really cute and I'm enjoying this age, she cracks up at everything I do which is a real ego boost.

She's still stuffing all toys in her mouth, does that stop at some point? Don't think she's ever actually rattled a rattle, she just tries to eat it.

I'm looking forward to weaning, oh and summer and enjoying some maternity leave in the (hopefully) sun.

How are you planning to wean if you haven't already started?

whataflop Fri 08-Apr-16 09:05:43


I have a nearly 5 month old so thought I'd join! He's my second and I feel a lot less confident this time round?! Which is odd! With my first I went to a lot of baby groups, made friends with babies the same age and generally kept busy, now I already have a toddler there aren't any baby groups I can go to that are specifically aimed at babies, just general playgroup type things.

My first was such a chilled baby, second is also chilled (lucky me!) but I think I'm comparing them too much, ds1 was sleeping through the night by this age so I'm a bit confused as to why ds2 isn't following the same way! I know I know babies are all different winkHe can be fed 1-2 times a night but is a fidget and can wake more then that to be re positioned to get comfy smileHis naps are the same as your dd, don't last longer then 45 mins, a couple of times we've had a long stretch! But he has a routine going, has a morning nap and a couple in the afternoon, he's bottle fed and roughly goes 4 hrs.

He doesn't seem to enjoy his milk though, again comparing to ds1 who would guzzle a bottle and was on 8oz by now! I've already started weaning, I did with my first around this age and they both took to it really well.

It is a really cute age though, where they're more alert and like looking around investigating things and trying to play smile

Firsttimer101 Fri 08-Apr-16 13:44:10

Me! my little one was born on the 30th oct so just gone 5 months. He's bottle fed and sleeps really well at night but daytime can be all over the place, between 30 mins and 1 hour after feeds or none at all depending on his mood! I've started letting him taste some stuff just to see is reaction and just this week am trying to feed him something each day. At the moment, baby porridge, carrot and lentil mush I've made and frozen in ice cube trays and yoghurt all get the same, not too great, reaction but I'm hoping he gets used to it. Going to spoon wean, BLW scares me a bit but might try it later... I didn't do nct and haven't gone to any groups yet either (how bad has the weather been since they were born?!!) that's my excuse but can't keep that up much longer, just trying to enjoy my time with him before back to work in August. Good luck with everything smile

Peachesandcream15 Fri 08-Apr-16 14:51:52

My DD was born 14/10. She is lovely, a chilled out baby with lots of smiles and laughs.

She sleeps OK. She is up 2-3 times a night but is fairly easy to get back down. She is a cat napper in the day too. She has just started to go a bit longer between naps.

We started weaning this week but she's not very interested yet.

We go to a few baby groups, I really enjoy them, and it's easy, because you can come and go as you please.

WalkThePlank0 Fri 08-Apr-16 15:00:44

Four months over here. But just wanted to join in the conversation about napping. DS2 also only 40 mins. But even in the pram and the sling. DS1 was exactly the same until 2. So I'm slowly starting to conclude it must be normal right? Maybe the babies that sleep longer at naps sleep less at night?

I haven't done any baby groups with this one. I only get three days alone with him so I prefer to snooze, relax and cuddle. Once he starts moving (and hopefully sleeping through) about 6 months +, I'll start doing more stuff. I'm convinced these chilled early months are natures way of rewarding you for childbirth and pregnancy before the active baby / toddler days...

MadamoiselleMango Fri 08-Apr-16 15:14:38

Ah see dd will nap for ages in the sling, in fact she's been getting so overtired by the evening this week with her nano naps that I put her in the sling today and she slept for two bloody hours! I doubt it'll have much impact on her night time sleep but at least she won't be so grumpy tonight I hope!

I'm gonna start doing more baby groups soon, I hate the way a lot of the baby sensory/music ones make you pay up front for a block, babies are so unpredictable you never know when you might not be able to make it!

But I think she'll actually get something out of it now.

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