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Potty training a toddler who is in nursery - Help please

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RaisinBread Wed 06-Apr-16 22:40:28

DD is 2 years 4 months and my third child. Both my boys were potty trained before starting pre-school. DD started nursery at 20 months. She goes 3 days a week for 7 hours a day.

I work every Sundays and ExH has the kids every other Sat, this means that I only have DD two days in a row a week (at home) every other week! other than that's its on a Monday and Friday.

Now this has made me put off and put off potty training as I don't have a solid week to focus on training myself. If I book time off work i'd rather spend it out and about with all 3 children during half term/holidays or away not stuck at home potty training.

So this Monday (my day off) I decided to crack on with potty training, because there is never going to be a good time. She had 3 accidents and hated the potty. So not a success at all. Day two she did sit on the potty happily and went to nursery, had a dry morning and 3 accidents in the afternoon and they put a nappy on her as she ran out of clothes (I wasn't impressed but didn't say anything just packed extra clothes the next day)
When we were home no accidents and happily spent lots of time independently putting herself on the potty, no accidents but no actual wee's in the potty. Put her to bed in just pjs. She worke at 10.00 crying but dry. I put her on the potty after a minute or so she did a wee I put her back to bed and she woke up dry this morning.

Dry all morning today at home, happily using the potty herself independently pulling clothes down sitting on it. No actual wee's.

Get to nursery fine. Pick her up dry all morning and 3 accidents all in the afternoon exactly the same as yesterday! And find that when I get home they have put a nappy on her under her pants!! Which has really annoyed me as once my kids are in pants they are in pants! re-introducing a nappy just confuses them I personally feel.

Tonight she went to bed woke at 8pm crying but dry put her on the potty and she had a wee and went back to sleep.

I'm hugely frustrated as I know she is ready she understand the concept of the potty, pants, wetting herself. Is dry at home and looking to be dry at night (I know its early days). But she keeps wetting herself at nursery (at the same time of day) and they are undermining my potty training techniques by putting her back in nappies.

Now I understand changing a toddler that keeps peeing themselves is frustrating. but she will never learn to used the potty there, just if she keeps wetting herself they will put a nappy on her!
In an ideal world I would have her potty trained and then send her to nursery once she's cracked it confidently but unfortunately I have to work 4 days a week, so they will have to be part of the potty training experience.

Can anyone please help me in what I need to do to get the nursery on board to stop dd having accident after accident!

StandoutMop Wed 06-Apr-16 22:45:14

Do they have a policy at nursery? Ours was ace and pretty much trained mine for me but a friend used a different nursery and had to take her DC out for 2 weeks (still paying for the place), and take holiday to train as nursery policy was second accident in a day = back in nappies.

So you may find nursery policy is not to be on board. Not sure where that leaves you though.

RaisinBread Wed 06-Apr-16 22:56:28

When I signed her up I asked about potty training as I had previously sent confidently trained (older) children to pre-school. They said when the time comes just pack lots of changes of clothes and not to worry....confused

I can't believe there are settings that make you take them out to train them fully! I can understand a pre-school having different rules as it's more of "school" setting rather than a childcare setting. But nurseries must expect that kids have accidents. Even older ones occasionally. It doesn't mean they need to go back in nappies!

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