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Wee story.. What would you do?

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FruitString1 Wed 06-Apr-16 11:27:40

Yesterday a friend of my DS came to play. My DS is 10, friend is 9. They played together all afternoon, and for a short while they played separately, friend in DS's bedroom and DS downstairs. Then friend went home. In the evening I started to notice a distinct smell coming from DS's bedroom. Went in to find duvet, sheet and mattress soaked through with a large puddle of wee. Someone had clearly wee'd on the bed! And not just a bit, but whole bladder full. Called DS upstairs to see what he had to say about it and he was horrified. It was def not him, as he hadn't actually been in his room all afternoon. However, I do recall him telling me that this particular friend was still wearing "nappies" in Year 2. So I guess the friend maybe does have a problem. I'll have to take duvet to launderette to wash in big machine, but I don't know what to do about mattress. I've tried everything - vinegar, bicarb of soda, etc. but it is soaked and still stinks. Will have to buy a new one I guess, but as a single mum only working part-time I'm going to find that hard. It was a good mattress and to replace it would be £170. I feel kind of tempted to have a word with the boy's mother. Not in a confrontational way of course - life must be hard for her family if this is still a problem for her DS. Maybe something along the lines of. "We're trying to get to the bottom of a little mystery here... Does X have an incontinence problem by any chance? Going to have to buy new mattress.... etc". But I don't know - what would that achieve? Probably nothing. What do you think? I know nothing of this type of problem in kids, so am very concious of hurting anyone's feelings and am trying to be sympathetic especially as the friend is a nice little boy. We all have problems of one kind or another as I explained to my DS. (Unfortunately he has Sensory Processing Disorder, possibly as part of ASD, so the smell of the mattress is particularly distressing for him, let alone me). And if you have any further advice on getting rid of the stink of wee from a mattress that would be appreciated too! It is unbelievably smelly upstairs now..
In case you think I'm making a fuss about nothing, just want to stress that this isn't just a little patch of wee such as you might get if a child had wet the bed in his sleep. It's almost as if someone had very deliberately stood by the bed, aimed and fired!

amarmai Wed 06-Apr-16 18:15:58

as you cannot afford to pay for a new mattress, i wd ask the f's parents to replace it.

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