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Teenage daughter increasingly withdrawn

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Fleur1975 Wed 06-Apr-16 01:28:36

My eldest, Celine, has always been an independent girl especially compared to my other two and growing up we were always close. She does very well at school but I can't help but worry over some changes in her behavior.

It has not been uncommon for her to ask for friends over every week, she was always out on the weekends and I seem to remember us having words on more than a few occasions about how much time she was spending out.

I don't know if i'm looking into it too much but she never has anyone over anymore and she rarely goes out, she quit her job saying she needed more time to focus on her studying (she's 17) and I often see her doing school work but more often than not she just watches tv all the time and sleeps. For someone that used to argue with me to let her go to parties all night, I am concerned for her.

I have tried to bring it up but she is very defensive and fiercely private, I don't want to push too hard but how can I do nothing?

She has also been losing weight and where she used to spend hours getting ready she never bothers anymore and just wears the same things over and over.

I know she's a teenager, but I am her mother, of course I worry. Has anyone else experienced this type of thing?

Newtobecomingamum Wed 06-Apr-16 03:02:31

Hi, I'm sorry I don't have any experience or advice, but I would move this thread to the TEENAGERS section as you will get more traffic and lots of parents of teens. Also, I think you have put your daughters name. I think it would be a good idea to remove it from your post, you probably didn't realise.

I hope you get some good advice and someone will be along shortly I'm sure x

Fleur1975 Wed 06-Apr-16 03:11:20

Thanks newtobecomingamum I will move this to the Teenagers thread, only joined recently and haven't seen everything yet!

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