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Dropping percentiles and feeding struggles

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RachFors24 Tue 05-Apr-16 12:28:01


My 15 week old was last weighed at 12 weeks and had dropped 2 percentiles. She was 7lb 13oz at birth - 50th percentile and on last weigh in was 11lb 4oz - now on the 9th. The HV was supposed to come again today but had booked the appointment despite being on holiday! Anyway, baby generally feeds 6 times a day as she sleeps through from her late feed, around 1030/11pm until 7am and then feeds every 3-3.5hrs. HV suggested fitting in another feed but I don't want to wake her in the night as she sleeps so well and the attempts to make her feed more frequently only made us both more stressed out and then she didn't feed well at all. She generally feeds for around 10-15mins a breast at each feed with some longer feeds in the evening where she spends up to 30mins on the first breast and 15-20 on the second. The past couple of days however she has only fed around 5mins a breast and this morning at 7am only took one breast! Should I be worried? Her poos are still 2-3 a day and very yellow and plenty of wet nappies. She is generally happy unless I try and make we feed more!! My supply seems really good - I can still wake up in the morning with hard full breasts that are leaking and I have to wear breast pads all day as they often leak! I have also started expressing the beginning of a feed so that if she is feeding for only a few mins she is getting to the hind milk quicker. Is this perhaps why her feeds are so short? Should I cut back on expressing? Any help and tips appreciated.

tiredybear Wed 06-Apr-16 14:42:25

My LO started feeding quicker as he got older, i think he just got more efficient, so that's not necessarily a problem. I would go and see your GP if your LO keeps dropping weight though, particularly as everything else seems fine. You could also go and see a lactation consultant (ask at your local children's centre), as they can observe you feeding and double check that everything is as it should be.

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