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baby boys with long hair

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RebeccaRHY1 Mon 04-Apr-16 23:03:47

So my 2 year old has never had a hair cut. He has beautiful hair. But its now getting in his eyes. I dont want to cut it as will often toe it back in a pony tail. but was wondering if theres any like boys hair accessories out there. at the moment i will just put a plain slide in to keep it out his eyes. But can u get boy slides!? Do they exist!? Or boy style hair bands!? Headbands?!

SunshineOutdoors Mon 04-Apr-16 23:10:57

I never wanted to cut ds's hair, but in the end she had to have a fringe for a bit as I've not met many toddlers who will keep hair clips etc in. If it's in his way I'd consider cutting at least the front tbh.

SunshineOutdoors Mon 04-Apr-16 23:14:34

I meant to write dd not ds.

Whitelisbon Mon 04-Apr-16 23:42:47

Both of my DTS wear bandanas in a range of colours and designs, when they deign to keep them on. DTD has a fringe, but DTS doesn't. He did have a couple of glittery Disney princess clips in today though.

MonkeyCuddles Tue 05-Apr-16 00:06:00

I had to give up and cut him a fringe, nursery won't allow hair accessories, girls or boys. I love his hair, planning on keeping it long-ish.

RudeElf Tue 05-Apr-16 00:09:11

My mum cut DS a fringe while she was babysitting one day angry prior to that i just used hair slide or a soft headband. They were usually too big though and slid off.

AKissACuddleAndACheekyFinger Tue 05-Apr-16 00:18:13

I'm no good at Mumsnet language. What is dts and dtd please?

I love boys with long hair, I have one, and often use bandanas-the walking ones from places like Go Outdoors.

BackforGood Tue 05-Apr-16 00:27:19

dts = dear twin son
dts = dear twin daughter

RebeccaRHY1 Tue 05-Apr-16 00:39:11

I might try bandanas and see if he'll keep one on
To be fair he doesnt pull out the slide that often its just like a bobby pin and stays in quite well. Just wondered if there were boy versions available somewhere. I dont want to have to cut a fringe in or i'll be forever just cutting it. Im wanting to go past the eye stage to the stage where it will just hang itself round his eyes and tuck behind his ears.

Vinorosso74 Wed 06-Apr-16 21:11:44

Bandana. There's a boy in my DD's class at school who has longer hair and he has a really cool assortment of bandanas which he wears (parents are from Peru so they have acquired some really good ones). He really suits them and they seem to keep his hair out the way.

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