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6 months old

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iemma321q Mon 04-Apr-16 21:12:15

My lo is now six months old and according to guidelines can now move into his own bedroom. I however like having him in our room. It's easy to check on him/ settle him in the night if necessary. Did anyone else make the decision to keep their lo in their room for longer? If so, for how long and what made you finally make the move?

Rinceoir Mon 04-Apr-16 21:15:32

We moved DD at 21months, simply because she had stopped sleeping through and started waking every time we moved and wanting to play. I was very sad moving her, she was delighted with her new room and slept through again.

Tootsiepops Mon 04-Apr-16 21:16:57

My daughter is 5 months. I won't be putting her in her own room when she gets to 6 months purely because I'm not ready blush

iemma321q Mon 04-Apr-16 21:21:42

Glad I'm not alone in this.

plonkie Mon 04-Apr-16 21:31:46

I'm exactly the same! DS was 6 months a couple of days ago. He has outgrown his side sleeper crib so I've spent all of today disassembling the cot that we had set up in his bedroom, to bring it through to our room (it wouldn't fit through the door!). I've taken one side off the cot and put it up against our bed, it's brilliant! Currently lying in my bed with my boob in the cot :-). I feel he's just too little to be on his own yet. I don't want to be that far apart. He wakes in the night loads too, does a load of comfort feeding, so it would be a pain in the bum to have him in his own room at the moment. So you are not alone!

BisherBasherBosher Mon 04-Apr-16 21:33:58

I didn't move DD until 7 months, and only then because she'd outgrown the Snuzpod. There's no law that says you have to move them to their own room... but if you want to 6 months is when the SIDS risk reduces.

kristine007 Mon 04-Apr-16 21:38:49

My DS1 was 5 when we moved him to his room. smile
My DS2 is nearly 6 months - I'm thinking of giving it a couple of years before he joins his brother.

Artistic Mon 04-Apr-16 22:03:02

Mine is 18 months and I love having her next to me. Am not going to be ready for a long

Nottalotta Tue 05-Apr-16 10:40:39

Ds is 8.5mo and still in my bed for half most of the night! His cot is in my room too.

BertieBotts Tue 05-Apr-16 10:42:07

Kept DS in with us until I realised he slept better when I wasn't there smile He was over 2 years old.

Equimum Tue 05-Apr-16 20:33:56

We moved DS1 at six months and really regretted it. Due to a temporary relocation, he was back in with us from 13-19 months, and that worked brilliantly. Although he wasn't waking for milk by then, he often woke early and used to just climb into our bed with minimal disruption to anyone.

DS2 is now 7 months and won't be leaving our room anytime soon.

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