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What do you feed your toddler?

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Julieb85 Mon 04-Apr-16 14:26:57

I have a DS (soon to be 2) hrs a good eater during the day but doesn't seem that interested in dinner at night. He's in nursery 3 days so it's about 6pm buy the time we get home and he goes to bed around usually we give him whatever we had the night before or make something quick. What kind of things do you guys feed your toddlers - I'm running out of ideas that'll help perk his interest!! I struggle to make a healthy home cooked meal every night!

trilbydoll Mon 04-Apr-16 14:30:08

Nursery days a banana if that, they feed them all day!

DD only eats two meals a day, if she's done well with breakfast and lunch I may as well abandon all hope of her eating tea.

We eat a lot of Bol / chicken in various sauces / fish pie type meals. DD would happily eat scrambled egg and tinned spaghetti 3x a day.

TeaBelle Mon 04-Apr-16 14:33:08

Dd loves sausages, risotto, pasta, fish pie, Shepherds pie, roast dinner, omlette and stew. However even if it's a firm favourite, she eats a pitiful amount if I don't eat with her, so we eat together every evening to ensure that she eats well. May be worth a try

mangocoveredlamb Mon 04-Apr-16 14:36:22

Tortellini is a big hit here. It's really quick and I usually throw a bit of veg in with it!

mangocoveredlamb Mon 04-Apr-16 14:36:59

I mean on the eat at 6pm nights, other nights she has whatever we've had the night before!

Julieb85 Mon 04-Apr-16 14:44:45

Thanks ladies...I feel like it's been constant macaroni cheese, carbonara, sausage and mash or French toast in our house! He eats probably 2 breakfasts and typically a meal plus 2 small yogurts for lunch. As well as a mid afternoon snack at nursery - often fresh cheese scones, oatcakes, tuna sandwich etc, so maybe he just isn't hungry!!!

TeaBelle Mon 04-Apr-16 14:46:14

If he's having a cooked meal at lunch then I would offer scrambled egg, crumpets, cheese on toast type thing

NowInaMinute Mon 04-Apr-16 14:53:31

I feel your pain, same situation as you as regards DC's age, days at nursery, ideas for food.

If DS has been at nursery then something like toasted cheese sandwich, spaghetti on toast, ham and cheese wrap, honey on toast, dippy egg and soldiers, pancakes or hot cross buns, a little tortellini or ravioli. Sometimes followed by maybe a little fruit and/or yoghurt or rice pudding.

He refuses any salad! won't even try it no matter how much we coax! Used to like soup with bread for dipping. Jacket potato with cheese is a sure fire success

Julieb85 Mon 04-Apr-16 14:57:04

I hear that! My DS refuses fruit unless it's hidden in yogurt, or its if the dried variety!! I've had to start drying banana chips 🙈 Little fuss pot, but I'll try anything to get him to have his fruit and veggies! He's also hates any cold (ice cream or the likes) so frozen banana is a wasted effort...

soundsystem Mon 04-Apr-16 14:58:09

DD tends not to eat much on nursery days as well, as she's had two breakfasts, cooked lunch with dessert, two snacks, light tea also with dessert...

So we tend to go for cheese on toast/avo toast/scrambled eggs on a bagel/crumpet. Always carbs before bed anyway, I find she sleeps better then! Tortellini as a pp said also a good shout.

Julieb85 Mon 04-Apr-16 15:06:16

Oh bagels and crumpets sound like a great idea!! He'd happily eat a bowl full of smiley faces or waffles so all these ideas are great!

NowInaMinute Mon 04-Apr-16 15:21:41

Julieb85- Ds is also a fan of dried banana chips- you can buy little packets of various dried fruit ( definitely banana ones) in most supermarkets in the baby/toddler food aisle. I think they're called "kiddylicious"

NowInaMinute Mon 04-Apr-16 15:22:42

Major assumption on my part that you live in a country that sells them -sorry!

scotsgirl64 Mon 04-Apr-16 16:45:33

what about some veg soup ( blitzed in food processor so they can't pick out what they don't like!)..then some chunky bread to dunk in it

cornishglos Mon 04-Apr-16 17:47:58

Tortellini, scrambled eggs, beans on toast, breadsticks with cheese and houmous.

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