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Silent Reflux - Omeprazole

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HarperElle Sun 03-Apr-16 21:31:18

My little girl is 17 weeks (13 corrected) and has suffered with severe silent reflux since she was 2 weeks old. After going through 3 months of seeing her in pain, we finally found a combination that seemed to be working - Neocate and Omeprazole. We have been lucky enough to be prescribed the liquid suspension (which I know is expensive) and she was initially prescribed a mix strength of 10mg/5ml of which she was having 3ml per day which at her weight at the time was the minimum dose of 0.7mg per kg. This dose was increased within a week as although it appeared to make her so much better within 24 hours of her first taking it, it was tailing off by the evening. She then had a new mix of 20mg/5ml and jumped to 1.5mg per kg. Up until a few days ago, reflux was no longer a daily issue and we are now devastated to see our baby in so much pain again.

I have read that the liquid suspension is less effective than the tablets (although I understand they are a pain to prepare and administer) and the liquid also has a very short shelf life (4 weeks). I would love some advice as to whether anyone has had any experience of the liquid actually losing its effect prior to its expiry date as I am convinced that for the last 10 days of it being in date, it hasn't be working properly.

I also, very stupidly, didn't increase her dose with her weight increase from 4kg to 5.25kg (which I have since corrected). Also, I am aware that the dosage is from 0.7mg - 3mg per kg at this age - my daughter is now on 1.5mg per kg so 8mg per day - does this dose seem high enough for a baby with such extreme reflux and taking everything into account, would I be better giving her the tablet form if it works better and is more consistent? Any advice and experiences of this would be much appreciated!

IwillrunIwillfly Sun 03-Apr-16 21:44:02

normally medicines have such an over cautious expiry date on them that they should still be effective by the time they actually go out of date. if you feel its not working as well any more though it might be worth speaking to the dr about increasing her dose to the 3mg/kg. the tablets really arent too much of a faff though, especially if you're making up bottles anyway. if you do decide to use them they dissolve quicker if you break them in half first!

JosiePye Sun 03-Apr-16 21:51:13

I would think it might be the dosage that is the problem. If she has very severe reflux, she probably needs to be on the maximum safe dosage and this readjusted regularly for weight. If she's struggling, I would get a gp appointment asap and ask to try a higher dosage. I've given the tablets (we had Losec MUPS) and these were ok to administer, although a different brand were impossible to dissolve properly.

Mawsymoo Mon 04-Apr-16 11:07:37

DS is 3 months today and had been on 10mg Losec mups for around 6 weeks now. It has been working well until the last few days when the reflux seems to have returned full force. The paed we saw said the dosage should be kept between 2-3mg/kg to be effective so I think it's time to increase the dose as it's likely he is over 5kg now (will be getting him weighed tomorrow). The mups are fine to administer once you get used to it.

Lovewatchingrainfall Tue 05-Apr-16 18:27:27

Hope your little one gets better soon. My DD can't have Omperazole (sorry about spelling) as it stops working for her after 6-7weeks. She has had severe Reflux since birth and is now 3. She has a mixture of medication for her reflux. And has to have them upped with her weight otherwise they stop working for her.

I hope you get something sorted soon and either the medication adjusted or trying something else.

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