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best toys for 2 year old

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howiloveanicecupoftea Sun 03-Apr-16 16:07:34

Looking for good toys for two year old boy. Want stimulating stuff!

starpatch Sun 03-Apr-16 21:16:33

Yookidoos are great although they only last about 6months ime.
Domino rally with motorised truck very popular in our house.
Marble run if they can be trusted not to swallow\throw marbles.

ShinyShinyShiny Sun 03-Apr-16 21:25:13

DS is 2.3 and his current favourites are:

- Melissa and Doug doorbell house, this is just brilliant and my go-to gift for 2-3 year olds
- Books of words, '100 first words' type of thing. He loves telling me what all the pictures are and learning new words
- Wooden kitchen, saucepans, food and tea set
- Cleaning set with dustpan, mop and broom
- Wheelbarrow and mini gardening set, especially now the weather is nicer
- Kinetic sand
- Sand and water table. We have a Plum set of two tables where the smaller one slides any underneath, one for sand and one for water
- Bilibo, this is great for imaginative play. This weekend it has mostly been a boat

He is also starting to become more interested in his Brio train set and his car garage.

Scotinoz Sun 03-Apr-16 23:36:14

My DD is almost two & a half a really loves kenetic sand, water (washing things in it and pouring it), tea set, pots and pans, scooter, Playmobil (the chunky toddler stuff), books with a lot to look at like Richard Scary, fire engines and the laundry basket (which is currently a boat)

howiloveanicecupoftea Mon 04-Apr-16 19:49:09

Thank you, is kinetic sand an indoor or outdoor thing? Is it good? Is it any better than regular sand?

howiloveanicecupoftea Mon 04-Apr-16 19:52:13

Thanks shinyshinyshiny :-) what wheelbarrow do you have?

Batladyandrose Mon 04-Apr-16 20:06:59

Crazy coupe car our was like cat nip for toddles and I had to have 2 of them in the garden

A small plastic slide

Cars like this nice and big to get hold of and wheel about

fedupofpeppa Mon 04-Apr-16 20:15:00

My ds loved toy cars, trains and garages plus books when he was just two. Now he is almost three he loves pretend play a lot more so still garages etc but also pretend kitchens and dress up. Also anything involving sand and water goes down well and he likes his trike and scooter for outside.

fedupofpeppa Mon 04-Apr-16 20:15:36

Oh and duplo

MrRochestersDog Mon 04-Apr-16 20:27:14

Brio, Fisher Price garage and roads playmat, aquadoodle.

ShinyShinyShiny Mon 04-Apr-16 20:50:00

Kinetic sand is fine indoors, it's like a cross between sand and play dough which you can squish and mould. I love it as much as DS does.

His wheelbarrow is Rolly, if you search for Rolly Metal Wheelbarrow on Amazon you will find it. His garden tools are Small Foot company, a really lovely set.

howiloveanicecupoftea Wed 06-Apr-16 16:36:53

What does the doorbell house do exactly shinyshinyshiny?

howiloveanicecupoftea Wed 06-Apr-16 16:37:49

What trike abc scooter do you have?

ShinyShinyShiny Wed 06-Apr-16 22:14:12

It's a little wooden house with four wooden dolls. There's a door on each wall of the house and each has a working lock and key and a doorbell with a different chime. DS is obsessed with keys, handles and anything 'real' looking, which these are. He spends ages unlocking the doors, putting the dolls inside, ringing the bell etc.

Loads of play value and thankfully the doorbells aren't too noisy or annoying.

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