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my dd is screaming/ tantruming all the time

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Irn2bru Sat 02-Apr-16 10:45:31

Help!! My beautiful happy wee girl has turned into a wingey, screaming demon child!
She is 18 months and at first I thought she was unwell. After a trip to the gp I know this is not the case.
She is hardly eating and seems so upset all the time. We have tried ignoring her outbursts but she continues anyway.
I know it's probably a phase and am thinking she is frustrated as not speaking much though able to get what she wants across easily enough.
Has anyone any tips on how to deal with this screaming monster? Feel like we are stuck in the house and going a bit crazy with all the shouting!!

YouSay Sat 02-Apr-16 10:47:59

I had this with mine so huge sympathy. It will pass. When the shrieking got too much I would put ear phones on. Also found a run in the park helped her blow off steam so a little less pent up after.

bittapitta Sat 02-Apr-16 11:09:45

How long has she been like it? Could be teething (back molars)? Could be the start of a virus? Also hard at this age when they feel they can't communicate, you could try introducing very basic sign language eg milk

Irn2bru Sat 02-Apr-16 14:58:06

Thanks for your replies. Might well be teething. She has been crying/tantruming all morning and most of the afternoon worn herself out poor mite. Might have a look at the sign language stuff. She can get her point across pretty well but this might help. Thanks

Irn2bru Sat 02-Apr-16 14:59:29

This is the 6th day. Doesn't sound long but when it's been going on all day and a lot of the night it feels like an eternity!!

DorynownotFloundering Sat 02-Apr-16 15:06:06

Sorry if already tried but in case it's teeth could you try regular doses of paracetamol/ ibuprofen alternately for 48 hrs? If she's overtired she just needs to zonk out for a bit.

nannynick Sat 02-Apr-16 15:27:26

You have been to the GP so that helps rule some things out. Are you monitoring inputs and outputs (food and wee/poo). Constipation can be an issue and can cause reduced eating and irritability. Try to keep fluid levels high.

Getting out and about can help greatly, though it can be struggle to get them out of the front door. Let them wear what they like (within reason) and encourage appropriate footwear for going in the woods, park, where ever you can go locally where there are not too many people around.

Encourage the non-screaming times by having cuddles, reading books together, playing jigsaws, whatever she likes doing. Try to notice what triggers the screaming... is it undetectable pain, is it being overwhelmed with the situation/environment, is it attention seeking, is it communication related.

Toddlers are great fun... but hard work!

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