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Recommend a play pen please?

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Nottalotta Fri 01-Apr-16 17:28:39

Ds is 8months and I think we need a playpen. Our two main downstairs rooms are quite large so would like something a decent size, easy to move and that could go outside
Must be freestanding. Any suggestions?

Artandco Fri 01-Apr-16 17:30:57

I've never quite understood playpens. Before crawling they can just lay on a blanket, after crawling mine would have both been really annoyed at being trapped in one space away from us so would have just screamed

SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-16 17:31:12

I had a BabyDan BabyDen which was able to be put together in many different configurations.

SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-16 17:33:17

We mostly used it as a barrier to block off the extension on the end of our dining room and used it as a play room. Sometimes it was filled with play balls in the garden.

StitchesInTime Fri 01-Apr-16 17:41:12

We had a Lindam playpen.

Nottalotta Fri 01-Apr-16 18:37:57

Art that I why I want a big one. And really, lol at 'laying on a blanket' ds hasn't laid on a blanket reliably for about 3 months. He's very mobile, and our front room is very separate to the rest of the house with an open fire. The other reception room has a wood burner.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Victoriaplum79 Fri 01-Apr-16 18:44:58

Ours is by summer bought from argos I think, , it's brilliant it concertinas up and down can be used indoors and outdoors on grass or sand, it also has a carry bag for easy transportation.

I know some people don't agree with them but I have found it great a safe place where our baby can happily play with her toys.

ThePowerOfCake Sat 02-Apr-16 11:20:58

We had a babydan one. I think it was this one.

It was very big and DD was always happy in it for short periods because certain toys she only saw in there. The mat was nicely padded and comfy and machine washable, which came in very useful! It was very sturdy, so I didn't worry about DD ever tipping it over but the downside was that it was very heavy so not something I'd want to be moving regularly. My DM had the same one at her house though, and put it away every day so it is possible.

I know some people don't understand playpens, but ours was a lifesaver. If you think it would work well for you just get one and don't worry about it!

Artandco Sat 02-Apr-16 11:49:51

Notta - I did say lay on a blanket before they can crawl. Once they can crawl obvious not. As I was saying mine would have both screamed blue murder once crawling if they couldn't crawl to where Dh or I were, hence I wonder how long a playpen could be used if yours also is the same

StitchesInTime Sat 02-Apr-16 12:00:04

Mine were generally fine with being in a playpen for short periods while I did stuff like cooking food.

gingermary Sat 02-Apr-16 12:04:15

We had one when I was little, once i got a bit older and wouldn't stay put in it my mum used to get in it herself with the ironing board to keep me away from the hot iron.

SoupDragon Sat 02-Apr-16 12:18:50

I did say lay on a blanket before they can crawl.

I'm guessing you didn't have a roller! grin

DSs didn't do it but DD learnt to roll from front to back to front and travelled across the room like that.

Nottalotta Sat 02-Apr-16 18:40:35

Exactly soup ds isn't crawling but as I say, has been out of the 'laying on a blanket' stage since he was about 5 months old! I literally can't take my eyes off him, he makes a beeline for the fire.

I don't want to be moving it loads but sometimes room to another and outside.

PansOnFire Sat 02-Apr-16 21:34:51

We have a babydan babyden, it's huge and it's brilliant. We used it with DS1 and now with our 9 month old who is always on the move. When we don't put him in it we have the door open so that he can take himself off into it when he wants, we also put toys on the bars so that he can practice pulling himself up which he loves to do. I make sure I put some music on or the TVs on low when he's in there with the door shut so that he doesn't feel completely alone when I'm nipping in and out of the room. It's been a lifesaver for us, particularly now that he's all over the place. It also keeps him safe from our toddler when I need to leave the room or even when the toddler is jumping around or playing with ride on toys.

AlleyCatandRastaMouse Sat 02-Apr-16 21:38:44

We used a travel cot for play pen purposes because as Artandco has pointed out once they are mobile they really are not interested in play pens so for the short time you get with them they are not a very worthwhile investment.

Nottalotta Tue 05-Apr-16 10:30:59

I'm assuming those who have no need for a playpen have babies that nap in their cot? Ds only naps on me or in the pram while being pushed ao I need the playpen to get stuff done.

Artandco Tue 05-Apr-16 11:27:02

Notta - no, ours didn't have a cot either, slept in our bed or on mattress on floor

Nottalotta Tue 05-Apr-16 11:43:50

How did you get anything done Art? Ds literally doesn't stop. I can't take my eye off him for a second when he is on the floor. He does mostly sleep in my bed, what I meant by napping in cot is napping without me having to push him, have him lay on me etc.

AlleyCatandRastaMouse Tue 05-Apr-16 16:19:22

Notalotta have you tried your DC in a playpen? I reckon you would want to be using one from the get go to get them used to it. Even putting all sorts of interesting stuff into the "playpen/travel cot" with my lot bought you maybe 5 minutes which is why we never bothered forking out for one. If your child is very inquisitive I reckon you will be doing well to get even 5 minutes. My older 2 napped well in their cot but DC3, not a chance. In answer to your question though, you get things done very, very slowly and unproductively but at least you keep pretty fit grin.

Artandco Tue 05-Apr-16 16:25:14

Mine just followed me around, it's not really a problem if they follow you is it? The only town they were moved was at the end of cooking when I wanted to move hot pans etc and we just put in highchair those 5 mins before we all ate. Otherwise yes, our home is safe enough a child can go anywhere relatively safe. Dh or myself would work from home and as babies they would occupy themselves fairly well

Nottalotta Tue 05-Apr-16 17:37:01

He's been in a travel cot at pil and plays OK in there. Like I said we have open fire and Woodburner in each downstairs room and quarry tiles one room. He just doesn't stop, I literally spend the whole time moving him away from the fireplace, coffee table etc. I also want to use it in the garden

acupofteafortwoormore Tue 05-Apr-16 17:43:11

We got one on Amazon - will post a link, it creates a safe place from dogs, other children & the fire.

We have a 6 month old who can and has since 5 months been travelling all over via rolling/head down commando style dragging.

It works for us for short times when I need to know that the baby is safe, we have a play may in there & toys. Happy in it since birth.

If I was buying one at your stage, I would buy the room divider one so it has more than one use.

comeagainforbigfudge Tue 05-Apr-16 17:57:17

We have one like this

Its HUGE, although ours has 8 panels not 6. Folds away easily. DD can play in it happily for hours, crawls around it quite the thing. And its large enough to accommodate me blush

I think its a worthwhile investment. Even if it only used for short periods at a time, if it means you have peace of mind.

Hope you find something to suit your needs

ParsleyTheLion1 Tue 05-Apr-16 20:17:06

I know the feeling Notta of constantly manoevering DC away from hazards in the house. And I find a playpen invaluable when I have a shower or go to the loo.
We have two ginormous playpens - the MCC Plastic Baby Playpen (bought on Amazon). One in the kitchen and one in the front room. It would work outside.
Really easy to put up (once you've done it once) and dismantle. I do it every week when the cleaner comes.

KP86 Tue 05-Apr-16 20:20:36

Hauck make a good one for about £60 and it comes with a floor mat. It can be made smaller and be straightened to use as a gate to block a doorway or section of the room.

We got ours from Amazon.

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