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Sleep issues

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Chocolatecakefan Thu 31-Mar-16 21:36:05

Can anyone help?

The last two weeks, my 11mo baby has had quite disturbed sleep. We put her down at 7 in her own cot and she falls asleep quiet happily but then without fail, she stirs at 10.30 then 12.30 (mainly wanting her dummy) but then she wakes completely at 2.30 and again at 5am ish. We've tried giving her a cuddle to settle her down but it doesn't work, the only thing that seems to get her to sleep instantly is to bring her in our bed which I'm worried is becoming a routine.

What can I do to get her out of this habit? Any suggestions?

I thought perhaps she was waking as she's changed a lot in the last few weeks and wondered if it was a mental development thing waking her up, but I don't know how to encourage her to sleep through again.

ODog Fri 01-Apr-16 21:32:04

Sounds a lot like my DS at that age. He tended to have sleep regressions before major milestones like sitting next/crawling/walking/talking. So she may be about to walk.

He also stopped being able to sleep in a cot at 13mo and we moved him to a toddler bed where he instantly slept much better. Something about realising they are trapped and can't get to you if thy need you.

Having said that, I have never had an issue with co-sleeping. Have done since day 1 and DS will have periods of needing in with us lots to having weeks on end where he will not come in with us at all. I tend to just roll with it and I'm all for what gets everyone the most sleep. He won't be doing it forever and it's certainly never been a 'bad habit' in my view as, like I said, he goes through fits and starts of needing/wanting to. Eg he is almost 2 now and hasn't needed to come in with us at night for weeks now before this week when he has walked in and climbed up every night. No real reason why but I'm not having that battle in the middle of the night. I'm too lazy and like sleep too much.

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