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freaking out - 14m sunken fontanelle

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Thu 31-Mar-16 20:27:19

We've had a busy day today and as I've given her her bedtime milk (which was 7oz milk and 2oz water) I've realised she has only had 5oz milk and 4oz water though out the day. I felt her fontanelle and it is slightly sunken, although very small and not soft.

I'm scared she's dehydrated but she's asleep now. I feel like waking her up so she can have more fluid. Do you think I should or do you think she'll be okay as she has just had 9oz fluid. Should I take her to hospital?!

Thanks all

Floggingmolly Thu 31-Mar-16 20:32:17

Personally I'd wake her for a drink...

JaneHair Thu 31-Mar-16 20:42:06

Do you have any dehydration sachets? I think I would wake them up and give them more fluids.

gamerchick Thu 31-Mar-16 20:43:55

If she's just had a big drink then wait awhile. You may not have to do anything.

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Thu 31-Mar-16 20:46:14

Thanks all. I've just woke her and she had another 4oz fluid before going back to sleep. I don't have any dehydration sachets.. do you think an extra 4oz is enough for me to worry a bit less. Doubt I'll get any sleep tonight! I'm hoping because she stopped at 4oz she's had enough to satisfy her..?

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Thu 31-Mar-16 20:49:36

It could be that I'm paranoid about the fontanelle.. I haven't felt for it in a while and only did because I know it can be a sign of dehydration but perhaps it just hasn't "closed up" anyway... not that I'm taking any chances!

Fwaffy Thu 31-Mar-16 20:50:24

What has she eaten today? Lots of foods contain water too. I'd say she'll be fine now. The thirst drive is pretty powerful so she'll likely wake up if she needs more.

daisydalrymple Thu 31-Mar-16 20:56:00

Just felt dc3's (as am feeding him and browsing mumsnet and saw your post) and his is small with a slight dip too. I probably haven't touched it since he was very little, he's poorly at the moment so off his food, has had a few bfs and maybe 200ml water today. Personally I wouldnt worry if she's happily asleep now, but take a beaker off water up with you and offer that if she wakes again?

Batladyandrose Thu 31-Mar-16 20:56:10

I could be wrong but I have a feeling that dehydration sachets have a lower age limit? I seem to remember this from a while ago when S&D was doing the rounds.

If you are worried then feel how full her nappy before you go to sleep tonight, the fuller the better...if it's fairly full then you know she is hydrated.

daisydalrymple Thu 31-Mar-16 20:57:50

Sorry meant to add, dc3 is 17mo.

dementedpixie Thu 31-Mar-16 21:00:12

I really wouldn't worry at all as she has had a big drink before bed and presumably has had food today too

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Thu 31-Mar-16 21:01:18

Thanks all! I feel slightly reassured and really appreciate that.

fwaffy that's another reason I panicked because she hasn't had much water based foods today, other than a decent amount of mixed berries and cherry toms and I'm not sure if they even count. But yes I think/hope she'll wake if she wants more.

Thank you, I'll check her nappy when I go to bed as suggested.

Thanks all for your reassurance and tips!

dementedpixie Thu 31-Mar-16 21:01:24

Btw 18oz is plenty fluids for during the day

winchester1 Thu 31-Mar-16 21:01:47

Pretty sure my 14mnth olds is still soft/sunken all the time. I've no idea how much she drinks each day/ feed as her brother and her swap and share food and drink.
Id just leave a bottle/cup in her cot if you are worried.

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Thu 31-Mar-16 21:42:47

Thank you both, I feel far better than I did an hour ago!

BikeRunSki Thu 31-Mar-16 21:51:29

Plenty of water in berries and toms

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