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Baby refusing to eat, need HELP!!

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Beautifulbella Thu 31-Mar-16 19:03:52

So my lo is 8.5 months, dd has been fine with baby food since around 6 months and finger foods for almost two (although only risks and organic baby puffs) lately she is refusing baby food all the time except in the morning her cereal. She will accept finger foods ones risk and puffs but I'm having to take them from her as she shovelling the whole things in her mouth and choking almost, with her baby food she will eat less the. Half and refuse. She wasn't doing this before but she has now got two teeth that have came through. I'm unsure if this is the reason for the change because she was fine two weeks ago and the teeth were there. I'm really worrying, she has become very ratty and constantly crying unless being held, her temp is fine and I haven't noticed any other issues. has anyone else gone through this.

Artistic Thu 31-Mar-16 19:12:04

Is she still having the same amounts of milk? I found that I had to gradually cut down I milk to keep the appetite going up. Eating with chewing is more laborious so I find that my DD tends to oblige only if shea really hungry so I have to carefully manage how much she's eating and gaps between meals. She developed lactose intolerance at 10 months so we had to almost completely move to solids in a matter of days.

I think the minimum milk she needs is 12oz.

Beautifulbella Thu 31-Mar-16 19:49:22

We count down her milk recently but since she's refusing food I've had to up it again to make sure she's getting enough. And she's really fussy dd refuses any food with bits as she chokes

dementedpixie Thu 31-Mar-16 19:55:55

She needs 20oz not 12oz. I would try a different variety of finger foods. Cooked veg pieces, soft fruits, toast, pasta, etc would be good

Beautifulbella Thu 31-Mar-16 20:15:25

I completely agree, it's just I'm so nervous with how she can't eat soft finger foods etc I worry how she'll be with cooked carrots and toast etc

dementedpixie Thu 31-Mar-16 20:56:01

She won't learn her limits if you don't let her try. It is hard though and my two made themselves puke from shovelling food in but soon got the hang of it

Artistic Thu 31-Mar-16 22:11:08

It's 20oz including all other diary like yogurt & cheese. So depends on what else is in her diet I guess.

KatyN Fri 01-Apr-16 09:25:16

If she has teeth coming through that can easily put them off food. You could try teething granuals or calpol to check she's not in pain. My son would switch to cold good only (many many yoghurts) when teething. K

ODog Sun 03-Apr-16 14:09:34

My DS started refusing to be spoon fed altogether at around 7mo. I would just scrap the idea of spoon feeding and go for BLW. That's what I did and it was fine to swap half way through. Had to increase his milk again (although this was unpredictable anyway) for a while as he ate less overall but my 9mo was wolfing down all sorts and meant to didn't need to faff about pureeing stuff. He just ate stuff we were eating. Choking was something that worries me pre-BLW but I did some reading and learned that most of the time they are just gagging because babies have a strong gag reflex (to stop them actually choking).

SleepyForest Sun 03-Apr-16 14:22:58

When dd suddenly went off her food it turned out to be hand foot and mouth. Keep an eye on her mouth and throat to make sure it is not just pain.

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