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8 month old didn't even acknowledge me.

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Amberlight003 Thu 31-Mar-16 15:34:55

I left my 8 month old with her gran today for 5 hours while I sorted some stuff at home. When I went to collect her, I walked in the room, she looked at me for 1 second and turned away. I sat in front of her and called her name and she wouldn't even look at me.

This has made me feel really crap. Like she doesn't love me or something, or doesn't care. I know she's only a baby but come on aren't babies supposed to light up when they see their parents walk into a room, or is it just mine? She is 8 months soon.

lilone1234 Thu 31-Mar-16 15:42:27

My DD is 18 months and I get a bit more of a reaction now when I've been out but still not much. When she was your DD's age she did much the same, it also made me a bit sad. However, to think about it logically you should consider it a good thing that she's feeling secure with her gran and confident/independent enough not to have to stick to you like glue once you're in sight.

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