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What to do with my 8 month old?

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Katieemilyxo Thu 31-Mar-16 15:19:29

I'm struggling to find things to do with my 8 month old baby boy it seems like the only thing he likes doing is watching TV I sit him down with his toys and play with him but it's like he has no interest and I take him to the park when I can but I can't think of any other activities I can do with my baby any ideas would be great

MintyBojingles Thu 31-Mar-16 15:34:13

Nice walk with pushchair
Baby & toddler groups
Sit playing with toys together

He'll get more into stuff when he starts walking & as he gets older ;)

Caterina99 Fri 01-Apr-16 00:35:35

I have a 9 month old. He's very active crawling and cruising now which occupies him more, but he likes to look at those touchy feely books, play with baby toys, play with non toys such a plastic bowls, spoons, socks, bits of paper, basically anything lying around the house. Sometimes I sit him in highchair with some little snacks and that occupies him for a bit. I got some ideas from Pinterest for sensory play, so a "treasure box" of stuff. Most of it pretty basic stuff like a pine cone, a straw etc. Change them up regularly.

We also go out a lot. He enjoys sitting in the trolley so we go to the supermarket, go on the swings at the park, walk outside or round the shops with pushchair, meet people with other small kids, go to the library. It does get quite tedious some days though. Meeting other adults most days saves my sanity!

catsofa Fri 01-Apr-16 00:55:47

Do you turn the tv off? My ds is totally distracted when it's on and can't really get into anything else. He's 10 months and enjoys sitting in the high chair in the bathroom watching mummy have a bath, going in the garden in the chair or a travel cot, and looking out of the window at the cars going past, birds, people etc.

iemma321q Fri 01-Apr-16 16:06:52

Caterina99 your sensory box idea sounds brilliant. Do you have a link to the page with the suggested items on? Would love to see it if you do please.

Nottalotta Fri 01-Apr-16 17:25:17

Ds is 8months. We do breakfast in his highchair, then he has a couple of toys while I wash up, tidy etc. He also goes in his jumperoo. This along with getting ready and doing household stuff takes us to naptime. We go for a walk with pram or carrier, I have animals to see to so do that with him in pram or carrier. Morning baby group twice a week. Lunch with dm once, shopping a couple of times. Play on the floor every afternoon. We (I..) sing nursery rhymes. Encourage crawling, clapping, talking etc.

We don't have the telly on apart from an hour in the afternoon when it's the music channel while he plays on the floor. I don't watch TV so we don't have it on.

Nottalotta Fri 01-Apr-16 17:26:28

Posted too soon, I think.the telly is distracting too. I want to start swimming but not sure where I'll find the time!

Caterina99 Fri 01-Apr-16 21:15:18

Don't have a specific link sadly, but I'm sure there's lots of ideas if you search online.

I think the concept is that it's just general stuff of different textures etc in a box. I've seen several different lists of suggested items, most of them stuff you'd have around the house anyway. Seems to keep DS quiet for a bit anyway!

You can also make your own toys with bottles and glitter and all sorts of stuff like that, if you can be bothered. I havent progressed beyond a water bottle with some beads in (and lid superglued on) but I'm not very crafty. My friend is very into all that stuff so we play with them at her house instead!

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