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How many words does your 15/16 month old have?

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LaceyLee Wed 30-Mar-16 20:35:17

After reading the guest post that the average 16 mo has 55 words I have become a bit concerned about my dd who has only about 15.... The usual dada, mama, nana and also things like ball, more, 'oh no', wow, no, bye bye and a few others like that. She understands lots of other words but doesn't say them. Should I be concerned?

purpleme12 Wed 30-Mar-16 20:38:33

No. My little girl's first word was at 18 months.

WinterIsNeverReallyComing Wed 30-Mar-16 20:46:26

My almost 16 month old has around 10 words. Maybe a few more but he doesn't use them all consistently. He babbles a lot in a conversational way and tries hard to repeat words we say but usually can't.
His understanding is great though and he can follow instructions.
His older brother had a LOT more words at the same age, which worries me a little.

1lov3comps Wed 30-Mar-16 20:52:54

DS is 22 months and has no words yet. He babbles away and can communicate, he had his developmental check about a month ago and is fine in all areas apart from this but nurse wasn't concerned and so we agreed to make an appointment for speech therapist (waiting list is 4-6 months). I think of he gets to 2 and there's still nothing then the worry will start kicking in. My DD was chattering away like mad at his age so it's strange that he has nothing yet but they're all different!

Howtocatchastar Wed 30-Mar-16 21:00:56

Mama, dada, please, bye bye... and maybe a handful more, if in the mood to copy sounds/words. Very babbly, but nothing I can understand. Older sibling was talking in pretty clear and full sentences at the same age. 16 month old understands instruction, will point and take me to what he wants etc. He's very good at looking through a book and finding things I ask for on each page.

Not currently concerned, but I am watching the situation. If no further words or clearer speech by 18 months, I might flag with the hv; however this would be to merely flag it up in time for when they turn 2 years.

Interestingly, I'd say all my friend's second children are/were late talkers...

passmethewineplease Wed 30-Mar-16 21:03:19

None really, she just babbles. Though she does babble dada but it isn't used in context.

DownstairsMixUp Wed 30-Mar-16 21:04:55

My ds is 18 months, doesn't say a thing. Makes lots of different sounds and stuff. No one seems concerned yet either.

tryingtocatchthewind Wed 30-Mar-16 21:06:12

Maybe 3 if I'm being generous, doesn't worry me he'll talk when he wants to

Artandco Wed 30-Mar-16 21:06:20

Mine are older. Neither really said anything until 2+ years.

Danglyweed Wed 30-Mar-16 21:10:07

Dt's are 17 months, but 10 weeks early so expect a few little set backs. Boy twin prob has about 20 words he uses a lot, tries to copy a few more words but not very clearly and is always gibbering away. He does understand a lot of words though. Girl twin only says the usual mum, dad, ta, cat and shoes. Doesn't chatter much, or if she does it usually just sounds like a mix of la's and ga's. Doesn't follow instructions as clear as her brother ie where's your shoes etc

cuntinghomicidalcardigan Wed 30-Mar-16 21:10:12

My 17 mo probably has around 50 words. He chatters away with his big sister (3.5) who plays schools with him, reads stories to him, talks to him all the time about what he can see, where we are and what we're doing. I'm convinced she is the reason for his chatter smile

The last couple of days he's started putting 2 words together like 'daddy, more' and 'dog there'

ODog Wed 30-Mar-16 21:20:53

When DS was 15-16 mo he has maybe 3 very dubious words. He is 22mo now as has a huge vocab and is starting to put words together into 2/3 words sentences. Judging against other friends with similar age babies I would say this is fairly average. A 15/16mo with 50+ words is quite advanced ime.

daisydalrymple Wed 30-Mar-16 21:21:49

Dc3 is 17mo. Says mumma dada does a roar sound for dinosaur, high pitched squeak for a dog / cat / bird / rabbit and just started saying ni ni at bedtime. Understands a lot more eg sit on your step for shoes / coat on (which he generally fetches on the way grin ) he has about twenty different pitches and volume levels for uh uh UH!!! Depending on what he's pointing at and has decided he needs. Ds1 and dd are very obliging at getting things for him, so we're all making more effort now to repeat the word of whatever he wants at the time.

I spent A LOT more time reading, looking at pictures, working out words etc with ds1 and dd when they were babies. Two older siblings and an elderly parent with advanced Alzheimer's has taken some of that time away from ds2. It amazes me how much he's taken in by watching me around the house and copying me though! He loves 'mopping' and putting the washing out!

LaceyLee Wed 30-Mar-16 21:23:22

Thanks everyone. I think maybe it's on my mind as she's not waking yet either. Cruises happily. She's my first (and only) and is at nursery full time so should get a lot of stimulation from them plus I try to talk to her about whatever I'm doing. Hopefully she's fine!

soundsystem Wed 30-Mar-16 21:24:41

My DD at 15/16 months was about the same as yours. Now at 17 months she suddenly seems to have ramped up and is coming out with new words daily. She's also just started to join two words together (eg "Yuck, mummy!" when she has a dirty nappy)

lornathewizzard Wed 30-Mar-16 21:29:11

The 55 words average thing seems to have been taken from a study, but I can't be arsed with more than a quick Google so not sure how extensive etc it was. Parenting websites state average words at this age are a lot less - I think around a dozen? My DD is older now but I counted at around 16mo for a HV check and she had between 20-30. HV seemed more than happy with that as was I.

0phelia Wed 30-Mar-16 21:31:48

This is a reassuring thread!
DS is 16mo. He is more of a physical type, not a talker at all.

He was walking at 10mo, has worked out how to go down slides by himself, kicks football, can do fiddly things like unscrew bottle caps, now goes downstairs on his feet frontways (hand held!), these sorts of things.

BUT he can only manage to say "Duck" while pointing to mean various things. I think he's trying to say "That" maybe.

He babbles totally incoherently, but likes hand signing, like pointing and flapping his hands for hello and hugging.

All children develop differently!

Rinceoir Wed 30-Mar-16 21:58:59

Mine had about 10 words at 15months. She's 23 months now and has hundreds of words, and has been speaking in short sentences since around Christmas. Her speech really took off after 18months.

RumAppleGinger Wed 30-Mar-16 22:08:04

DS2 is 16 months he has mama, dada, chachi (which is not his older brother's name but is what he calls him and I think is cute!) Sausage, car and Duggee. So really just the essentials!

lljkk Wed 30-Mar-16 22:19:07

I think that guestpost is crap unhelpful, Lacey.
IIRC, one of my 4 DC managed 1 word before 16 months. That was " 'tee" for kitty.

Allnamesaretakenffs Thu 31-Mar-16 07:17:46

Mine only says bye and dad. My oldest didn't talk unti he was gone 2, despite me dictating everything blah blah blah. I'm not worried. They all develope at their own time.

Ds1 was 21 months old when ds2 was born, and 22.5 months old when ds2 and I were in hospital. In a moment of boredom, on the ward, I listed all the words ds1 could say, and even including the ones that were utterly incomprehensible except to his nearest and dearest, it was a pretty short list!

By the time he got to primary school, the problem was to stop him talking - especially about trains. He could tell you about trains until you felt your eyes glazing over.

He graduated with a degree in Law last year (and you need to be articulate and able to argue cases, to do that) and is now in a full time job - so his late development in talking has not held him back at all! Allnames and others are right - they all develop at their own time. Just talk to her lots, and it will come.

LaceyLee Thu 31-Mar-16 07:50:19

Ah thanks again to everyone. I feel better now. I agree with you llykk the guest post is rather unhelpful anyway and don't agree with much of it. I will definitely keep talking to her and maybe trying to get her to say a word where now she's pointing and grunting smile

icklekid Thu 31-Mar-16 07:55:02

Just to add 20 month old ds also has less than 20 words so doubt he will have 60 by 2! He goes through stages of using more than others. His understanding is brilliant and he can always be understood. I'm really not worried at the moment he has started copying sounds we make more and more. I just smile at nct friends whose little girl knows all her colours and is starting to put sentences together! He will get there in the end!

SunnyDays1987 Thu 31-Mar-16 07:55:16

DS is nearly 15 months (but 4 weeks early) and he can't say any proper words really. He clearly understands quite a few words and instructions but doesn't seem interested in saying anything. I was a bit concerned that I wasn't doing enough to encourage him, especially as I was a really earlier talker and could say loads by his age, but reading this thread has made me feel better. He's physically doing well so I think that's been his focus rather than speech!

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