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Sicky baby help!

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KayR26 Tue 29-Mar-16 15:43:59

Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere on Mumsnet, but I haven't yet found anything that has answered my prayers!

My son is 7 weeks old and initially he was breastfed. By week three he became really sick after feeds and would then be hungry sooner, meaning he constantly wanted to feed on me. I could no longer keep up with the demand, I was exhausted and becoming miserable so we tried combination feeding, following the advice given by the HV, and gave formula for the night feeds. This was fine for about three days until he started being sick again, but with his sickness, he would scream as though it pained him to bring it up (was the same with wind too). After endless searches online, I wondered if he maybe had reflux, so again, after speaking with the HV, we decided to stop breastfeeding completely and put him on Aptamil's Anti Reflux formula. He was like a new baby for almost a week until he became really constipated. We had gone from having an unhappy sicky baby, to a baby that wasn't sick anymore but was in as much discomfort with his constipation. It was equally as distressing to witness.

I took him to the GP (I had avoided this as I didn't want to be an over the top first time Mom) and she said she feels he has Colic. She wasn't sure it was reflux but advised we take him off the Anti Reflux milk (she said this could cause problems in terms of his digestive system developing - he was too young for such thick formula) and she prescribed Infant Gaviscon to be taken with his bedtime bottle only. She advised we try SMA formula and said the cartons contain a slightly thicker milk than what we'd make with the powder, so to give that a go.
He wasn't sick for maybe the first day after the change but then the sickness and crying came back in full force. The Gaviscon didn't appear to be making much difference but we stuck it out as we knew it could take time for him to get used to the new milk etc.

On the next visit to the HV, she advised we try HIPP organic milk as she has seen a lot of babies with the same sort of problems and changing to HIPP had worked wonders as it has a lower lactose content. So, we followed this advice and went and bought some HIPP. There was slightly less sick to begin with and again, we didn't give in as we know it takes time. He is still on HIPP now and as Infacol, Dentinox and Gripe water didn't do any good, we went for what I think is the last over the counter option of Colief. Again, worked really well in the first couple of days but now he is back to being sick again and he is constantly filling his nappy too which has given him a sore bum! We can't win!! We have reduced the drops as it tells you in the leaflet if their bowels suffer, which has helped with that issue.

He has never had problems bringing wind up, he just brings sick up not long after it! The sick isn't just when winding him either, he will continue to be sick for an hour or two after. It shoots out and looks like by the time he has finished being sick, his whole feed has come up! Sometimes it is really clear with white bits but mainly it is milk/bitty milk.

I have tried every possible bottle on the market, I had high hopes for Dr Brown's after so many recommendations but sadly, they make no difference.

Am I going wrong somewhere? Does this sound like Colic/Reflux? I am so confused now and feel very helpless.

Sorry for such a long post! Any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance x

MintyBojingles Tue 29-Mar-16 16:55:18

Have you looked into cow's milk protein allergy? One of my friends kids had it and very similar as you've described - it can pass through breastmilk also. I'd go back to your GP and ask to try non cow's milk formula- it's prescription product as very expensive otherwise. Also look up the Facebook group "living with reflux" very helpful resource and if you post there you'll get loads of advice.

Pancakeflipper Tue 29-Mar-16 17:02:47

My DS2 was an impressive projectile vomitter. We had sheets covering the sofas and floor. Never dared feed him out of the house.

He's got a dairy intolerance. He also had colic and reflux.

I wonder if the doctors will let you try some prescribed formula like Neocate (expensive so they don't like to dish it out).

It really is trial and error and totally frustrating. But you'll get there and having a dairy intolerance is quite easy to deal with in every day life now.

Lots of luck!

Florentina27 Wed 30-Mar-16 06:05:58

From what I know GP can't prescribe neocate , it has to be prescribed by paediatrician and after GP can always repeat prescription as only a few baby's will need it and is expensive so maybe tri and see a pediatrician

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