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Do you let the kids eat whatever they want during half terms?

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NoCapes Tue 29-Mar-16 11:28:23

Just bumped into a mum from school in Morrisons and her trolley was absolutely overflowing with crappola - massive multipacks of crisps, cakes, biscuits, ice creams, bottles of Coke & Fanta - absolutely loads of it
I said "oh are you having a party?"
She said "no just half term, got to treat them haven't we"
Then I felt like a bit of a dick

It had never occurred to me to eat any differently at half term than any other time
I'm not one of those 'my kids only eat granola & quinoa and only drink fairy tears' people, we have biscuits and things in, and of course DC probably eat a few more biscuits or an extra few packs of crisps and things in half term, but I wouldn't go out and buy loads of stuff specifically for them to gorge on

Do you all do this? Am I horribly mean?

Blueberry234 Tue 29-Mar-16 11:30:47

No the only concession is the eldest gets 'holiday cereal' this time he has chosen a box of Krave.

IToldYouIWasFreaky Tue 29-Mar-16 11:33:16

No, of course not! That's really weird I think.
Eating habits change a bit during school holidays (especially around Christmas and Easter) and we might have a bit more "treat" food on days out but I definitely wouldn't get special food in, purely because it's school holidays!

Floggingmolly Tue 29-Mar-16 11:35:32

They might be doing loads of play dates, what you saw mightn't actually go far when you multiply the number of children scoffing it by 10.

blaeberry Tue 29-Mar-16 11:37:16

No, we also have holiday cereal and we will probably eat out a few times so will get a few treats then (eg fizzy drink with meal when out). No need to buy treats at the moment anyway as they have Easter eggs to finish and that normally takes them months if DH doesn't eat them first (they still have some Halloween sweets left over).

ItMustBeBedtimeSurely Tue 29-Mar-16 11:38:23

No way. We do have more treats over the bank holiday weekend, but it's back to normal today (apart from the mountain of Easter chocolate, sigh).

LilithTheKitty Tue 29-Mar-16 11:38:40

I buy fizzy drinks and have a few extra treats but it's mostly for picnics and trips out.

ShelaghTurner Tue 29-Mar-16 11:40:13

No. They eat slightly differently, maybe Macdonalds or we'll go out to eat more. But they're allowed a lot freer reign with chocolate at the moment as I want it gone and not carrying over into term time when we try to eat a bit better.

multivac Tue 29-Mar-16 11:40:41

Of course we all do it, OP.

You are the only parent in the universe who believes in a balanced, healthy diet - including regular treats - for children at all times.

Please, will you teach us?

Badoodle Tue 29-Mar-16 11:41:25

They get more treats than during term-time, but no, they don't just get to eat crap.

They've just had Easter and all the choc that comes with that.
We went to the cinema on Saturday and they had popcorn & soft drinks.
We ate out over the weekend and they had pizza and dessert.

Back to normal eating this week.

NoCapes Tue 29-Mar-16 11:42:23

Hadn't thought about that Flogging that's a good point

multivac - biscuit

DextersMistress Tue 29-Mar-16 11:43:01

I'd be mortified if I saw someone I knew in the supermarket and they commented on what was in my trolley, I think that's pretty rude tbh.

Maybe that was her normal weekly shop but she was embarrassed to say!

Anyway, no, we don't really eat differently during the holidays but then I suspect we probably have more treats in a 'normal' week than other people.

mercifulTehlu Tue 29-Mar-16 11:43:26

Nope - just chocolate eggs because it's Easter not half term. More indulgent stuff at Christmas obviously, but no piles of crappy food in the summer holiday or any of the 3 half term holidays.

NoCapes Tue 29-Mar-16 11:46:26

Dexters that's why I felt a bit of a dick for asking, it just kind of came out and there was so much food, she literally had one arm ontop of it all so it didn't fall out so I genuinely thought it must be for a party
I was just trying to make conversation
She probably thinks I'm an arsehole now blush

DextersMistress Tue 29-Mar-16 11:50:08

Or maybe she is having a party but didn't want to invite you grin

NoCapes Tue 29-Mar-16 11:52:44

shock Dexters I bet she is!
What a bitch

That1950sMum Tue 29-Mar-16 11:57:51

If we have a day out they can eat whatever crap they want but still home we eat pretty much the same as any other times. If anything mine probably et better in the holidays because I'm at home all day and can cook proper dinners.

lateforeverything Tue 29-Mar-16 11:59:18

We sort of do a day-on/day-off I guess but dss is pretty easy going so it's not that prescriptive iykwim.

I probably did buy a few more crisps over the weekend but luckily dss doesn't remotely like fizzy drinks.

Oh but we did go to McD's yesterday for the first time since Feb half term lol (and he had an orange juice.)

multivac Tue 29-Mar-16 12:00:01

Thanks, OP - that'll go nicely with my cuppa. Mind you, thinking about it... it's never occurred to me to offer another poster a biscuit (although obviously I'm not one of those posters who thinks biscuits are sent from Satan and only ever snacks on organic celery!); does everyone else do it? Am I horribly mean?

DextersMistress Tue 29-Mar-16 12:00:28


PassiveAgressiveQueen Tue 29-Mar-16 12:00:29

so not the only mean mummy
This holiday ours is chocolate wheetos, but he still has to have 1 oatibix and half a portion of wheetos (but that is more to do with wheat problems)

NoCapes Tue 29-Mar-16 12:01:03


NoCapes Tue 29-Mar-16 12:01:34

Sorry that face was to multivac obviously

dizzytomato Tue 29-Mar-16 12:05:36

Each to their own and all that but giving lots at crap at once is probably more harmful than the occasional treat. So no I don't. They can have fizzy drinks, crisps and sweets at the weekends, if they ask. DH is anti-fizzy drinks so he lectures about them damaging your health and tbh it has killed the joy a bit and they've given up. They have baked cake every week and going out for an icecream or milkshake is fun so we do that once a month, DH doesn't kill that grin

Juanbablo Tue 29-Mar-16 13:28:45

We eat a normal diet in the school holidays. Obviously it's just been Easter so there is A LOT of chocolate around. So they will be eating more chocolate than usual but certainly not loads of fizzy drinks and crisps.

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