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Earliest age for a dummy?

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Newfamily2014 Sun 27-Mar-16 20:54:06

Just wondering what is the earliest age anyone tried a dummy.
I understand the problem with nipple confusion if breast feeding but are there any other concerns? Mouth development?
It would only be used for very short periods of time not all day.

BotBotticelli Sun 27-Mar-16 21:24:46

I took one in the hospital bag when DS2 was born and wapped it out on night two when he wouldn't settle!!! I FF though so after he has had 60ml of formula I thought a dummy to settle him was fine.

I imagine if you were BFing you would probably need to keep putting a 2 day old baby to the breast?

Dixiechick17 Sun 27-Mar-16 21:49:17

I used one on week two to give my nipples a ten minute break... luckily never had an issue with nipple confusion and she only has it occasionally at nearly ten months.

Florentina27 Mon 28-Mar-16 01:15:43

One of the midwives said 6 weeks until b feedingIis well established. It can interfere with speach development if used for long periods and teeth may grow funny, but I'll use it if desperate

Princesspeach1980 Mon 28-Mar-16 01:57:45

Mine had them from pretty much day 1 and both successfully breastfed to 15 and 18 months.

Topsy34 Mon 28-Mar-16 07:44:20

I would wait a few weeks as its really important the baby latches on to you to establish supply.

Debsy1234 Mon 28-Mar-16 09:44:05

My daughter was born with blisters on her hands, they looked sore and scabby. The doctor told me she was sucking her hands in the womb and we very quickly realised this was the case. she sucked her hands and wrists all the time so we gave her a dummy and the hand sucking stopped, this was when she was 2 days old. I couldn't breast feed so can't advise on that bit. But we didn't give her the dummy all the time and still don't, I don't want her to become insanely attached to it.

TiggeryBear Mon 28-Mar-16 13:51:43

My 3 week old DD has had one since day 2 to stop her sucking her hands as IMO it's easier to get them to stop sucking a dummy than it is to get them to stop sucking their thumbs/fingers. My OH's adult cousin still sucks her thumb! My DD doesn't have it often, usually to get her settled in the car seat or if she's struggling with bad wind. Alternatively if she just won't settle. (I know that she's been fed, is clean & warm etc.) I don't like seeing children with them in their mouths all the time, but I understand that they serve a purpose. (Buy parents much needed peace & quiet for the sake of their sanity!)

cornishglos Mon 28-Mar-16 19:11:05

Mine never had dummies except when dd was admitted to hospital at 11 days old. She was on a drip and not feeding so they gave her a dummy. She had it for 3 days then back to breastfeeding.

ODog Mon 28-Mar-16 21:22:55

DS was born needing a dummy (as my nipples weren't tough enough for his constant need to suck). I tried from very early on to try a catch a small break but couldn't get him to take one until 4weeks. Once he took one his feeds spaced out a little and he settles much better. He pretty much needed a boob or a dummy in his mouth 24/7 until he was 6ish months when he started to go longer and longer periods without. He will be 2 in June and still needs it to get to and get back to sleep and if he is really tired after a long day in the evening before bed. We had a good BF relationship for almost 6 months (ended through my choice), his speech is on par with peers who have never had a dummy and his teeth are fine. I'm pregnant again and if this baby needs one it will get one asap.

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