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the most common question asked when you have a newborn.....

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jujubeanno2 Sun 27-Mar-16 06:22:45

Is he/she good? This question quite frankly annoys the s**t out of me. He's a newborn baby that needs feeding, changing and cuddling all the time so is this 'good'? Haha! I just find myself saying a dragged out 'yeahhhhhhhh'
Has anyone else had this a lot and how do you respond? X

Caken Sun 27-Mar-16 06:28:56

Before I even opened this, I knew it'd be 'is he/she good?' grin

I'm currently cuddling baby #4 who is 3 months old, and I've had this Q so many times! To be fair, it's usually by older people as I'm with LO doing the shopping and I quite enjoy the attention. But it is an odd question. I normally think they mean does he feed and sleep well, and whether he does or not I just say 'yes' to keep the conversation short and sweet!

jujubeanno2 Sun 27-Mar-16 06:32:05

Haha, I probably shouldn't let it annoy me as its just some people's way of making conversation and having a nosy at baby (I like the attention too) but I just find myself thinking are there bad baby's? Haha x

QforCucumber Sun 27-Mar-16 06:34:21

I've found in the last 7 days it's been 'who does he look like?' My stock response now is 'himself'

Luckystar1 Sun 27-Mar-16 06:34:42

I HATED this question too. With a passion.

I also hated the clicking that older people (usually 50 plus at least) did to the baby to try and get his attention... I used to scream (internally) 'he's not a fucking horse'!!

Iamnotloobrushphobic Sun 27-Mar-16 06:39:38

When people asked me this question I answered with 'no he's a nightmare and never sleeps, if he had been the first he would have been an only child' grin

The question that annoyed me was /is 'are you having any more'.

winchester1 Sun 27-Mar-16 06:44:16

Are you sure he/she is warm enough?

And with my first who was full term and around 5.5lbs.
He is tiny are you sure you should be outside with him?

tellmemore1982 Sun 27-Mar-16 06:57:39

Actually having had one "good" baby and one who was most definitely not "good", i know exactly what they mean.

Instead of assuming they've lost all comprehension of what it means to have a new baby I realise it is an all encompassing question for "are you both sleeping much, is s/he quiet or does s/he cry every time you turn your back and walk away to do something, are you coping or are you at the end of your tether and find yourself screaming inside everyday?"

What they are actually saying is "I have been there, I know, it's ok, it's neither of your fault".

Are things good or is it hard, and if it's hard it's not your fault. Some babies are easier (ie more GOOD) than others. Which they most definitely are.

How would you prefer them to phrase the question?

jujubeanno2 Sun 27-Mar-16 07:02:00

Oh gosh, is he warm enough? I think it must be an old fashioned thing because my mum has said that a few times so I just say well feel his head he's more than warm enough.
I also have a 3yr old girl and when she was around 2 and still in nappies whilst we were out and about a woman took great pleasure in informing me that her grandchildren were all potty trained by 18 months and she shouldn't be wearing nappies.....the cheek of it!
Oh and don't get me started on breastfeeding advice haha xx

Allnamesaretakenffs Sun 27-Mar-16 13:37:02

Oh, I seem to get "is she your first?" When I reply no, third, I get the mildly offensive barrage of "wow your'e so brave/I wouldn;t do that" blah blah blah.

FullTimeYummy Mon 28-Mar-16 20:38:35

"Is she your first" Is a very common one. In my case She is my first, which always brings some negative foreboding response such as "oooooh, wait 'till you have 2.." "ooh wait 'till She's teething/crawling/walking/a teenager..."

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