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DS taking anger out on daddy

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Mummy2squish Wed 23-Mar-16 07:45:45

So my DS is 2 and seems to be hitting the terrible twos (typically while we are on holiday) but he's aiming all his anger at his dad.

We normally take it in turns to get up (DS gets up early) but we just can't as he tantrums and shouts and screams at him telling him to stop it and go away he has full tantrums with him and pushes him away. Hubby doesn't have the most patience but it's getting a bit too much for him and he has to leave the room leaving me to deal with it or he will zone out completely. DS only wants me and only listens to me.

Is this a normal phase or is there anything I can do to stop this behaviour?

ricketytickety Wed 23-Mar-16 10:57:48

Not had this peronsally. Maybe someone will be along who has.

Try and work out what is upsetting him about the arrangement. What is it that dad does differently that DS is saying 'stop it' to? Does he want to cuddle you/feed from you?

My experience of tantrums was that they happened when dc was trying to communicate something I didn't understand or trying to do something and didn't understand why they couldn't do it. Or they were tired/hungry and this affected their judgement. So usually about communication....

MIght be worth explaining to ds that mummy has morning time one day and daddy has special morning time on the next day.

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