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how do you make friends?

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thecrab Mon 21-Mar-16 22:50:40

I've got an 8 month old and I still don't have any mummy friends. There are some mums from some classes I attend that I'd like to be friends with but I have no idea how to do it (!?)

I'm really afraid they'll reject me and then I'll just be super embarrassed.

Recently been going through a bad spot with my childless friends so feeling extra lonely. Just wanted some advice and to get it off my chest really.

I don't know.

FuzzyOwl Mon 21-Mar-16 22:53:27

Could you suggest meeting outside of the classes for a walk or ask them what other groups they go to, and perhaps arrange to meet up there and then see if you can go for a coffee beforehand or afterwards.

I have just moved to a new area and have a baby, so I appreciate it isn't easy. Don't forget that some mums of eight month old babies might be going back to work soon, so try to also befriend some mums who have younger babies as well - hopefully you can find a couple of nice ones who don't know other people who are currently on maternity leave, so they will be looking for more company.

defineme Mon 21-Mar-16 23:01:12

I went to every single playgroup and baby activity. Joined in with the organizing /tidying up, social nights, race for life team etc when they had them.

Debsy1234 Mon 21-Mar-16 23:12:45

I was in the same boat until about 4 weeks ago. Ddsimilar age and I had no mummy mates. But I tend to sit with the same mums at 1 of the baby groups and I just said one day we should try the local soft play centre as it's cheaper than this class and open more, they all agreed and now we have a play date.

Only bitches would snub you when you make a good suggestion like that. Try something similar or suggest coffee.

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