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Disneyland Paris restaurant recommendations for fussy eater

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KatyS36 Mon 21-Mar-16 20:45:04

I realise this is a first world 'problem' but ideas appreciated.

DD, 6, is a fussy eater. We're working on this at home, but that is a separate issue.

We're lucky enough to be going to Disneyland Paris for a couple of night later this year.

Normally we self cater on holidays. This isn't due to DD being fussy, but that myself and DH genuinely love cooking and it is of course much cheaper.

As we only eat out occasionally, in restaurants DD will have pizza if it is available, pasta (certain chains only) or else some combination of chips, bread and olives, as she will eat almost any 'type' of these foods.

In the UK this works fine, as almost any 'foodie' type menu will serve some combination of chips / bread / olives.

I've been looking at the Dieneyland Paris menus, and the proper restaurants I've looked at only do a set menu for children, which although it looks lovely DD won't eat.

So if anyone can recommend a decent restaurant where children aren't locked into a fixed multi course menu that would be great.


marmiteloversunite Mon 21-Mar-16 20:49:52

Hi, just came on to say avoid Planet Hollywood! My husband got food poisoning there last month which ruined our Disney trip. There is a fast food hall in the studio part of the park. Food is quite tricky there though. Not much choice. Hope you have a great time.

RoseDeWittBukater Mon 21-Mar-16 20:50:48

Try any of the buffet restaurants, then she can just pick and choose. Plaza gardens and hunters grill are always highly recommended.

TurnOffTheTv Mon 21-Mar-16 20:51:40

What about the buffet style restaurants? Inventions, Plaza gardens etc?

TurnOffTheTv Mon 21-Mar-16 20:52:12

Or Pizza Planet?

Toffeelatteplease Mon 21-Mar-16 20:56:07

What level of restaurant are you looking to eat at? Although I don't think you will have a problem

Colonel Haithis (main park) does fast food pizza and I think is the nicest of the fast food joints. Fron memory most of the buffets do chips, bread and olives (cafe agrabah escapes me on the chips but it does do pasta pitta and plain couscous).

Most (all?) of the table service restaurants do pasta in a plain tomato sauce as one of their main menu options. But us it the cost that's off putting for picking a set menu? Are you on a meal plan or staying off site?

G1raffe Mon 21-Mar-16 21:00:22

Bella Notre (or something like that) had nice childrens pizza in mickey mouse shaped. We could easily have shared the adults one for lunch but all had our own and didnt finish it. Fairly simple and one of the cheaper places!

WellTidy Mon 21-Mar-16 21:01:53

Cafe Mickey in the village just outside the gates does pizza. You will need to book. The characters mill around there and there are lads of photo opportunities.

In the main park, there is an all you can eat pizza and pasta and puddings buffet resturant. It is right by the autopia ride. It also has a soft play.

Freezingwinter Mon 21-Mar-16 21:03:13

Another vote for Cafe Mickey. Honestly I wouldn't worry, there's so much to eat while you are there you will be able to find something!

Freezingwinter Mon 21-Mar-16 21:03:23

Forgot to say have a lovely time!!!

KatyS36 Tue 22-Mar-16 20:43:10


Many thanks for such helpful replies. I'll do some more searching online based on your recommendations.

Thanks again

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