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Seriously are they competing?

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Ohsotired123 Sat 19-Mar-16 10:13:36

I find coming on here when you need a rant about something really helps. really sorry if you saw my previous, similar, post and are thinking just bore off! I just want some perspective.

I just feel in laws and sister in law are trying to compete with me when it comes to my DD. The latest is they all came to ours a few weeks back and mil was completely taken back by how many toys she has at ours (really not that many, just a very nice selection though). She kept banging on how her toys were rubbish and no wonder my DD doesn't like it at hers, which is tota rubbish, DD is only 8 months she hasn't got a clue at the moment about what's what!!! Anyway she banged on and on about her toys and our toys, most of the night just bringing it up. A week later she's gone and bought 3 new light up sound toys for her house and SIL has bought 2 lots of new toys and each time she has posted them on Facebook saying 'more toys for nannys'. It's not a competition is it?!?

They also got wind that I had started to get a few bits for my DD birthday in September, purely so I'm not stung with a big bill. Now SIL has called shots on a car she wants to get her already, actually one I wanted to get but never mind. she knows we are planning to get a trike for her and she's looking online for cheap ones and suggesting which ones to buy! They are so controlling I am sick of it. Why can't they be normal and leave us to it, buy a present nearer the time like every other family member and don't call shots!

plantsitter Sat 19-Mar-16 10:16:09

It does sound annoying. But if you can stick with it while she's tiny, it can only benefit you as she gets older as you won't have to have as much shit in your house AND you'll have a Wonderland to send her to when you need babysitting!

Bishybishybarnabee Sat 19-Mar-16 10:40:12

It'll only be a competition if you compete too.
Annoying, yes, but just let it go over your head and carry on doing what you want to do and leave them to it.

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