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Be cautious if baby has eczema

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Florentina27 Fri 18-Mar-16 23:41:00

Hi all. Today we had a really bad scare when 6.5 mo had anaphylactic shock. She's had eczema for a while and it never really cleared up. Now we're weaning her and we were hoping to find what she's allergic too to improve her eczema as none of the creams have worked for us. We don't know but I suspect she's allergic to cows milk and if they've been exposed for a while to an allergen this can happen and it can be very dangerous. If your baby has eczema and they're skin gets a reaction ( my LO's started with red face and some white raised surfaces undernith and a lot of sweating, by the time I got her to hospital fer face were swollen and she wasn't very conscious followed by blue nails and feet). Pls take baby to hospital if the allergy happens shortly after meal( sometimes within minutes) and doesn't cease in a few min. It will get worse.
Hope someone finds this helpful and no one goes trough what I've been today

sepa Sat 19-Mar-16 01:18:38

How scary for you Florentina. Glad your LO is ok.
Thank you for sharing this with us. As a first time mum it's useful to know

sophiaslullaby Sun 20-Mar-16 18:35:51

Thank you Florentina for letting us know - my DS has bad eczema and been referred for dermatology appt at the end of the month. I plan to start weaning end of April but am nervous about it because of allergic reactions. I plan to use my breastmilk or goats milk to mix with his food and to drink going forward, not cows milk. Funnily enough I craved cows milk in last trimester with DS, drank litres of the stuff, this can't have started his condition could it? I stuffered with eczema as a baby (still do occasionally) & so does DH so it's genetic in that sense but do wonder if my milky craving played any part :-/

Hope your daughter is ok now flowers what have her doctors advised? Just not to expose her to cows milk?

Florentina27 Mon 21-Mar-16 06:34:58

I don't think your cravings have anything to do with it, sometimes they develop an allergy after being born. My DD had formula one when tiny and she was fine then.
Until we're having the allergy test done the pediatrician prescribed a special formula for her, she's not taking it yet as it tests awful, but slowly I'm hoping she will. For now in breastfeeding still but um not aloud any dairy in my diet, including goats milk, soy milk as they suspect she has a severe allergy to cows milk proteins with apparently are similar to goats, soy etc and they said if they are usually allergyc to one they would be to the other as well. Not always bit it happens so be careful. I suggest to give a baby spoon of anything you are feeding your lo for first time and then play a bit. If he/she doesn't have a reaction then you should be fine. When anaphylaxis occurs the body reacts very quickly and symptoms worsen rapidly which is why can be life threatening. If eczema doesn't improve it meens baby is continually exposed to an allergen but that's not always food. Hope this helps

Florentina27 Mon 21-Mar-16 06:40:03

Luckily babies often grow out of milk allergy unlike peanuts allergies

sophiaslullaby Mon 21-Mar-16 08:54:50

Thanks for the tips, I'll do that (feed a spoonful then play).
I've tried everything to sort my son's eczema out (not wearing wool even visitors!! - washing all clothes in Surcare, bathing in Dermol 600), nothing seems to have worked so not sure if it's genetic or an allegen. Hopefully his appointment will throw up answers.
Glad I read your post though so I'm aware. Hope your DD tests prove helpful, bless her. Eczema doesn't sound too bad when spoken about until your riddled in it :-/

Florentina27 Mon 21-Mar-16 11:03:12

I didn't try dermol on my daughter in bath but I just used the cream on her face and she did not like it. Her body is only itchy when naked especially during bath. What worked for her body is oilatum bath. We like the cream too. The cream in tube is a bit thicker than the dispenser, depends what kind of ointment you need. On rough patches we use skin salvation by pure potions, it is all made of natural staff SK we mostly use it at night as it stains clothes a bit. If your son has such bad eczema your GP might refer you for an allergy test. They didn't with my DD but hers is only mild

sophiaslullaby Mon 21-Mar-16 11:32:20

Yes, DS itches/scratches more when naked. Then again he's teething so guess gumming at his hands to soothe his gums wins over scratching his skin (really feel for him!!)
Oilatum is more or less same as Dermol - GP said Dermol has anti-itch stuff in it....not so sure it works! Then I slather on Epaderm.
I've heard of Pure potions, will have a look for it. I hope the dermatologist will do an allergy test, will ask for one in the least.

Florentina27 Mon 21-Mar-16 13:49:37

Good luck! Hope it will improve soon x

sophiaslullaby Mon 21-Mar-16 14:38:35

Thank you, same with your daughter, hope the rest of the weaning goes well and you can enjoy it :-)

Florentina27 Wed 23-Mar-16 02:20:06

Can you please let me know what the dermatologist suggests to use on your baby? Thanks

sophiaslullaby Wed 23-Mar-16 06:58:31

Yes ok, appointment is at end of the month. Message again if I don't reply - baby brain/forgetfulness is my forte at the moment!!!

Florentina27 Wed 23-Mar-16 14:22:53

Will do. Thanks

sophiaslullaby Thu 31-Mar-16 20:59:53

Hi Florentina,
Had the dermatology appt today. It is just eczema. Dr that was SO surprised that my GP's had not given me a steroid to use. I had ASKED and they still wouldn't, they said skin was broken but hospital Dr said that didn't make a difference, you need a steroid to calm it down.
So we have Dermal 500 & 600 for the bath. A steroid cream twice a day and an emollient to use as frequently as possible. Can get the names later -in my son's room and don't want to wake him!!

Oh and Pirton to help with the itching & therefore help him sleep. Fingers crossed as this is such an upsetting battle. I got home & cried, bless him my son just looked at me and although only 4.5 months, seemed to cuddle me!

How's your daughter been?

Florentina27 Fri 01-Apr-16 21:48:56

Fingers crossed it will get better, I also have dermol but haven't used it in bath only directly on skin and it seemed to make her reder.I will try it in bath after I finish oilatum bath although I don't really struggle with her body. I have been on diet last 2 weeks and at times it looks better but it hasn't vanished although I had some products with soy flower in thinking is not the same as having the milk, I'll try and avoided completely see if of makes a difference although she might me allergic to lots of stuff so maybe formula will be better for her. Waiting to borrow an electric breast pump from a friend so I can start mixing it with her formula as she hates it so much... Used cetraben on her face and its been better but now she is quite flared up again. A friend is coming from Romania with a new cream recommended by mums on a parenting group that needs to be used twice a day so hopefully will do something for us although I feel like no cream is fixing it and I'm always just waisting money. The doctor from hospital told us not to use steroids anymore, I only use it if her skin is broken and doesn't get better with thicker cream. I will try pirton for night time then, I only found E45 itch relief suitable for Ber age over the counter and it made her even itchyer. Thanks for letting me now and do please tell me the name of the emollient xx

Florentina27 Fri 01-Apr-16 21:57:37

From whatbi read on boots website piriton is not recommended for kids under 12 months but maybe your doctor calculated how much to give depending non hour LO weight?/as my doctor did with my daughters antihistamines and it says it causes drowsiness and we have the non drowsy ones as they don't want her sleepy in case she has an anaphylactic episode again sad( haven't been lucky with an easy straight forward child, but better to deal with this now than later in life I suppose, hopefully they will grow out of it

sophiaslullaby Fri 01-Apr-16 23:25:43

The emollient I have been given is called Hydromol ointment, like Epaderm but easier to apply. Yes, Pirton not recommended for under 1 year but giving him 1ml at night -hasn'the changed his sleep pattern, here I am feeding at 11pm as normal.

I wasn'the happy to use a steroid but frtunately a good friend of mine is a dermatology nurse (with children with eczema so her advice is valued), she says if bad enough a steroid is NEEDED to get the eczema under control. Daily routine should then only be a good moisterise, as opposed to medicine, daily baths, scratch mitts etc etc.

Another thing Dermol has anti-itch & antibacterial properties so as good as it is, ditch the oilatum & start using the Dermal 600 in the bath.

It is hard to see our LO in discomfort and the daily skincare routine has driven me to tears but have t think it could be so much worse. I hold onto the fact my son is still very happy day to day and any improvement is a huge milestone. You will crack it, be interesting what the cream your friend brings does.

Florentina27 Sat 02-Apr-16 02:11:55

I prefer hydromol to epaderm, it doesn't have much of s fragrance, ull let you know how successful the cream is, nothing works for us long term and yes we don't have it that bad. I've seen worse, my lo is a very happy baby now apart from when is sleeping time. She rubs because she is tired and after she's otvhy and upset, just more stressed now as I start work 6.5 weeks sad

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