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treating thrush in nearly 4yo

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littleoctonauts Fri 18-Mar-16 11:19:57


My nearly 4yo has been diagnosed with thrush. She's had flu all week but I noticed a slightly unpleasant smell when helping her clean herself in the toilet, so I checked the area and found some discharge. She's not in any ddiscomfort but I mentioned it to Dr when taking her for her flu symptoms and he said most likely thrush.

Dd is a bit grizzly and doesn't want to use the cream. I thought about applying it in her sleep but I don't want her to wake up and feel uncomfortable with me applying a cream to her private area. Any advice? Would she be able to apply it herself? Shall I try bribery? Again that feels wrong tho if it's about me having to have contact with her private area. It's the exact opposite of what we want her to think is acceptable with her body. Or would it be silly to just leave it to clear up by itself if it's not troubling her?

Many thanks

littleoctonauts Sat 19-Mar-16 14:04:59

Well I decided to just leave it as it's not causing any discomfort and I know thrush can clear up by itself anyway. I want her to know that there are boundaries with her body so there seems little point in treating something that isn't bothering her if she doesn't want to.

I name changed for this post btw, as it was a sensitive topic and I didn't want any trolls posting nasty stuff on what was a genuine question (which I've seen all too often).

whois Sat 19-Mar-16 14:21:04

Can you give her the oral tablet?

littleoctonauts Sat 19-Mar-16 19:38:50

That's a very good idea, thank you! My husband is a pharmacist I will ask him if it's ok for her age.

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