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Do they need you more when they start school?

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Misty9 Thu 17-Mar-16 10:36:21

Ds starts school this year and dd turns 2 next month. I've had a job offer for full.time post but can do compressed hours so 5 days in 4. Currently work 3 days a week but contract ending. We could afford for me not to work and dh works from home for himself, currently also 3 days so we share the childcare equally.

If I take this job, I'd have kids one day, dh would have them 2 days (but he also wants to increase to 4 for work) and we'd need to decide on increasing nursery hours or changing to childminder for dd.

The thing is, I'd have 4 days a week when I'd barely see ds and I'm worried about not being there when he's going through this.massive transition to education. He doesn't have the best track record for being adaptable...

For context, dh is the go to parent figure for ds and he will be able to be flexible and do school pick ups etc. I guess I'm worried about missing out with both dc but it's a great job opportunity and I've sacrificed a lot in my career since having dc - as I knew I would, but for how much longer?

Misty9 Thu 17-Mar-16 22:11:58

Anyone? I've just read an old thread on full time working and starting school, and it terrified me!

gamerchick Thu 17-Mar-16 22:16:41

I find they need me more during infants and during GCSEs. The rest of the time it's all gravey. But I'm able to choose to work part time/unsociable hours.

However if there's a steady constant parent then I can't see much to worry about. I think if one parent is flexible then it makes life so much easier, I don't see whether it matters which parent.

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