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Helping DS (2) with sepersti on anxiety

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boopdoop Tue 15-Mar-16 23:01:02

Just wondered if anyone has any advice on helping a 2 year old with separation anxiety? I guess it's just a phase, as with most other things, but I am wondering if there are specific things we can do to help him. My DS is 2 this week. He's always been fairly clingy to me, partly as DH works away a lot (50% of the time, but random, no pattern) and wider family all live several hours away, so a lot of the time it is just me with him. Recently it's got pretty bad, crying if I leave the room, even to just go to the kitchen or to the loo, and even when DH is with him. He's always loved going to nursery but currently sobs and clings to me when I drop him off and keeps standing by the door crying in the afternoon. His sleeps always been awful but is currently the worst it's ever been and I wonder how much is related to this... Any suggestions or tips would be gratefully received. Thanks!

boopdoop Tue 15-Mar-16 23:12:45

Sorry, stupid typo in the title!

boopdoop Wed 16-Mar-16 19:38:37


thefamilyvonstrop Wed 16-Mar-16 19:49:01

My son also experiences seperation anxiety. We do the following:-
- We play lots of games like peekaboo and hide and seek - to keep exposing him safely to the idea that I disappear and reappear
- I give him transitional objects to hold / keep and have access to at nursery. My son sometimes struggles to understand that he is held in mind, ie when I'm not there, that he is still loved, cared for and safe. I give him either soft toys from home or things that he associates with me.
- nursery are accommodating and let me stay until he is settled but I keep myself detached and don't play with him. I'm just like a background object!
- We do theraplay games together as soon as he is back from nursery - so lots of reconnecting, eye contact, nurturing to allow him to get back on an even keel and to build his your son talking? Can he articulate his anxiety?

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