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Any other FFers still doing a dream feed with 7mo who is fully weaned on 3 meals per day??

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BotBotticelli Mon 14-Mar-16 19:38:48

Ds2 has been (and most nights still is) a bit of a shit sleeper.

We do a 8oz dream feed at 10pm so that we know he is not hungry when he wakes in the night - normally around 0430 when he just wants to snuggle in bed next to me or DH. But sometimes cries a bit around 2am as well. He is not hungry when he wakes, he just wants cuddles. Goes straight back to sleep until 7am in bed with me and then wakes up and doesn't cry for milk in the morning. In fact we don't even give him a bottle in the morning any more. His routine is as follows:

0700 - bowl of baby cereal made with 2-3oz of whole cows milk

1000 - 7oz bottle

1230 - lunch (today scrambled egg with cheese and a couple of toast fingers, with a fruit pot for pudding).

1500 - 7oz bottle

1730 - dinner (today shepherds pie mashed up in a blender with yoghurt for pudding)

1900 - 7oz bottle

2200 - 7oz bottle

This seems a bit of an odd routine to me for a would make much more sense (to me!) if he stopped having the 10pm feed and had a bottle at 6/7am when he woke up instead. But shortly after weaning he lost interest in his morning bottle and whilst we are doing breakfast for 3yo ds1 it made sense to us to just sit everyone at the table with a bowl of cereal at the same time!

Is this a bonker routine? Is he having too much milk?

How do you ever drop a dream feed if you have a shit sleeper?? He wakes every night and I need to KNOW he is not hungry. I am not reintroducing a night feed!!


neversleepagain Wed 16-Mar-16 23:05:34

My twins had a dream feed at 10:30 until 8 months. They were good sleepers and we tried dropping the dream feed at 6 months but would wake around 4am hungry so we reintroduced it.
Bedtime was 6pm, dream feed at 10:30pm and beg slept until 7/7:30am.

Mine were also on 3 (small) meals a day. I gradually reduced the dream feed by an ounce a night until they were down to two ounces then stopped it altogether.

switswoo81 Wed 16-Mar-16 23:22:54

I'm still doing a dreamfeed at 13 months. It's the only bottle all day. She has cows milk in a beaker during the day which she drinks very little of so it's great to know she's getting enough. she is a very poor eater during the day and dropped many centiles since birth due to reflux.
The dreamfeed means she sleeps 7 until 8:30 am. I don't know when I'm going to drop it to be honest .

ODog Thu 17-Mar-16 13:55:50

I would just go with what works. I never did a dream feed as I was BF when DS was small but switched to formula at 5/6mo. He was still having 2 night feeds at 9mo and then one day just settled with a dummy/cuddle instead. Keep going if it works, he will let you know when he doesn't want/need it.

magpie17 Thu 17-Mar-16 14:05:35

My DS is 8 months and is nowhere near having that much milk and hasn't been for the last month. That isn't a good thing though, he just won't eat more!

We do 4/5oz bottle at 7am, porridge or weetabix at about 9.30am. 4/5oz bottle at 11ish, lunch around 1pm, another 4/5oz bottle at 4pm, dinner around 5.30pm and another 4/5oz bottle at 7pm. He never finishes all those bottles though and probably has 15oz a day.

He wakes up around twice a night but isn't hungry. He just jabbers on a bit and goes back to sleep after a while.

I don't think your baby is hungry, I think they just need to learn to self settle. That's a harder thing to 'teach' though!

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