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Can I stop DDs dad from seeing her in these circumstances, only temporarily.??

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gaggiagirl Mon 14-Mar-16 10:45:20

DDs Dad, has form for introducing DD to his girlfriends who he meets from on line dating. The girlfriends last about as Long as a pint of milk.
I always find out about this after the event.
This happens when DD sleeps at her dads house, the girlfriends sleep there too.
Anyway this morning he told me he wants DD to go swimming with him and his new friend on Sunday.

Ive said no. He cant see her if he's going to take this stranger with them and to sleep over.
DD sees her dad about once a week. For the rest of the time she lives with me her step dad and baby brother.
She is 5.
Can I actually, legally stop him from seeing her in this situation?
DD is confused by the stream of women in her dads house!

Fuzz01 Mon 14-Mar-16 10:51:34

Its difficult how long you been with your DP? My ex didnt see my DS when he was a previous GF but that was due to her drug taking and drinking and utilmately saw DS in a contact centre

gaggiagirl Mon 14-Mar-16 12:04:15

Ive been with DP since DD was a toddler.
Sorry for taking ages to reply the baby is exploding his way through nappies today!

Gillian1980 Mon 14-Mar-16 14:13:22

I don't believe you can legally stop her seeing him, no.

While I agree that its really not great to keep introducing her to his new girlfriends, there really is no legal reason why he cannot. It is essentially just a difference of opinions in parenting styles.

All you can really do is try to point out to him why it can be damaging for her and ask him to respect your wishes as her other parent.

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