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Adopting - Need boys names!

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CraigN24 Sun 13-Mar-16 19:23:22

Has anyone got any Boys Names ideas?

A member of the family is adopting and will be changing the child's name by deed poll ... The little boy is cheeky and is often dressed in chinos, high tops and wears his hats on back to front ... and is a generally a cool little dude!

So they're looking for a " cool" Name!


Iguessyourestuckwithme Sun 13-Mar-16 19:25:07

How old is the child? He will already know his name by 9 months or so.

Jesabel Sun 13-Mar-16 19:26:44

If they have to change his name for safeguarding reasons they should probably go for something similar to his current name.

sepa Sun 13-Mar-16 19:27:39

Oscar sounds like it would suit the LO but he may already know his name?
Is there a reason they want to change it?

stiffstink Sun 13-Mar-16 19:28:17

Why are they changing his name? And why are they basing his 'new' name on the clothes that someone else puts him in? It seems a bit shallow, he isn't an accessory.

P1nkP0ppy Sun 13-Mar-16 19:29:38

hmm you're not going to be able to change the name he's got on his birth certificate and any other registers, are you?
It's going to be confusing for the little chap to say the least......

CraigN24 Sun 13-Mar-16 19:32:20

They wish they didn't need to change it but sadly due to safeguarding they need to, we all know it's going to be confusing for him to start with but they said they plan to introduce it to him slowly but it's for his safety and that will always come first.

eurochick Sun 13-Mar-16 19:39:10

Spencer? Sounds like a cool dude I once knew by that name.

KP86 Sun 13-Mar-16 19:51:31

I love both Oscar and Spencer.

What about Travis or Daniel? I can imagine both of those names being cool people! A bit funky but still grown up enough to be professional in future.

StDogolphin Sun 13-Mar-16 19:59:17


WelliesTheyAreWonderful Sun 13-Mar-16 21:27:42

Jarvis? Is he old enough to have some input? If he's coming up with things like Batman maybe give him a few options and he could pick his favourite.

sepa Sun 13-Mar-16 21:29:20

That's so sad he needs it changing for his safety!
Hopefully your family member finds the perfect name for him!
And best of luck to them all.

NeatandTidyTidyandNeat Sun 13-Mar-16 21:35:43

If they are changing because advised to for safeguarding reasons (totally understandable) it might be a good idea to look up the most used boys' names in the year of his birth, and choose something from among the most popular. It can be the best way to allow a child to blend in with their peer group and not be easily identifiable - because in rare instances the new name can become shared accidentally, and it would be awful if that caused another security risk for the family.

calzone Sun 13-Mar-16 21:37:06


FurbysMakeSexNoises Sun 13-Mar-16 21:43:38


FurbysMakeSexNoises Sun 13-Mar-16 21:43:56


ohlittlepea Sun 13-Mar-16 21:47:06

Could he choose his name? Or is he a little young?

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sun 13-Mar-16 21:48:35


marinerkk2 Sun 13-Mar-16 21:50:32

Sounds like he dresses like my cool dude nephew - Evan. His name really suits him X

TeenAndTween Mon 14-Mar-16 11:45:24

They won't be changing his name by deed poll. They will get to change it when they get the adoption order from the court.

If he is old enough to have his own style of dressing (as opposed to his FC style) then he is old enough to have a say in his new name.

Otherwise the new parents should just choose a name they like, that isn't weird, and that 'fits' with new family.

Agree with PP that if he has to change his name for safeguarding then a straightforward common one may be a lot better than something outlandish.

FrozenPonds Mon 14-Mar-16 11:48:15

Can you not ask the child?

If he is old enough to choose his clothes, you could at least do him the courtesy of explaining and asking.

The whole thing sounds unfortunate.

kimlo Mon 14-Mar-16 11:51:26


Florentina27 Thu 17-Mar-16 00:46:28

Our favorite was Ruben/Reuben if we were having a boy

Bellasima20 Thu 17-Mar-16 11:06:28

Coolest (but not ridiculous) boys name I've heard is Rex and I know a cheeky, gorgeous 2 year old Rex who sounds like this little boy!

DottyOldQuilt Thu 17-Mar-16 22:43:52

How sad that it's necessary sad I agree that he should be asked his opinion.

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