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Loss of apitite?

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sepa Sun 13-Mar-16 18:07:09

I gave birth to DC1 9 days ago and have seen a big decrease in my apitite. Is this normal following birth? I am expressing milk for her so I know that eating is important for my supply etc.

It's really fustrating me as I love food (and a little over weight before falling pregnant)

Florentina27 Mon 14-Mar-16 05:43:09

I felt the same at first, although my huby cooked lots for me and I couldn't wait to eat the forbidden foods before giving birth. You should at least try to eat a bit and have some vitamins as breastfeeding can weaken you, you're baby will still get all the goodness from you, they don't really eat a lot at this stage. This period will pass. From 3-6 months it is said that bf causes you to loose weight, that's when my appetite really came trough, when u wouldn't have time to eat properly I had to eat cake to make up for the calories. I think there are moments...sometimes appetite comes when you've already started will need strength. Although I eat all I want and cake almost every day i still lost pretty much all my pregnancy weight

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