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What do your 7/8 year old boys DO when friends come over?

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RainOnTheRoof Fri 11-Mar-16 19:49:35

Sorry, this even sounds like an odd question to me! But if you have a 7/8 year old son, what do they like to do when friends, especially other boys, come to play?

DS has quite a few girl friends, and when they come over there is a lot of pottering / dressing up (still!) / general 'playing'. But with other boys things seemed to have moved on a bit from this. Lego will hold their attention for a while, and playing outside, e.g. football, is OK if the weather is suitable (often it's not). But what else could they actually do? DS often seems to play on consoles at friends' houses, and we don't have one (I'm starting to wonder if we should get one - I've no objection, they've just never held any appeal for DH or I).

DS is a bit shy (and basically introverted / happy reading and pottering on his own, although would like more friends in the playground at school) and I'm making a big effort to have more children from school over for him to play with, but I worry that it's a bit boring for them and often end up taking them all out somewhere, or actively managing their play e.g. by doing some kitchen science. I've 2 younger DCs though so it would be nice not to have to manage DS's time and to just be able to let him and a friend get on with it - this seems to work with girl visitors, but not so well with boys. I find that they generally start making up games which involve actively excluding the younger DCs, or that the visiting child will be openly bored, and then the whole thing starts to go a bit wrong.

Any ideas?

Juanbablo Sat 12-Mar-16 18:20:04

Mainly football or trampoline if it's not raining. Looking at/swapping match attax. Playing board games like snakes and ladders. Occasionally play FIFA or watch football videos on YouTube (can you see a theme here?) but I don't really like them using screens during play dates.

Riversiderunner Sat 12-Mar-16 19:40:17

mine play Lego, push cars around, beg me to let them play Minecraft on the iPad, jump on the trampoline.

Like you, my 8yo is quiet and bookish, and we purposefully don't have a Playstation or whatever - just an iPad which is mine and I only let the children use infrequently.

I don't supervise at all, unless they're shouting or being too rough in which case I shout at them to be quiet.

Have confidence and remember that other people's toys seem more fun that your own - little guests here always say wow your Lego/Thunderbirds thing/whatever is amazing and it helps my children see their stuff in a new and more positive light!

I also do cool teas to boost their coolness with their mates. Eg make your own pizzas, or a new Ben & Jerry's flavour for pud. When I can be arsed, which isn't often.


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